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Oct 19, 2010

A MadMother...

A few days ago I wrote that I intend to be rid of my anger---perhaps I spoke too soon.   I really want to learn to deal with reality without the spiritually corrosive effects of anger.  Being aware that my anger is in fact very real, based on grievous harm and trauma, the challenge is finding a way to accept what is not acceptable, so I can function without feeling I have given up somehow.  I cannot give up, give in, or allow apathy to creep in.

People who have read my blog thus far already know that I speak my mind.  I have in fact done so as long as I can remember.  This is not always popular to say the least.  Thank God I really do not care about being popular.  And I can tell you with assurance there is no comfort is being right.  Particularly when one is then labeled, and or maligned for having the integrity to voice one's experience.  Ultimately I started this blog because those who had the power to act on my son's behalf, in fact those who had a moral and legal obligation to do so, did not.  I can not make any one do anything, but I will tell our story.

The following is my input to SAMHSA on the need for Alternative treatments in Mental Health Care:

"It is critical to that we have have non-drug alternatives to help those who are experiencing extreme states, who do not wish to be medicated. The influence that the pharmaceutical companies have has decimated the ethical integrity of many professionals in the fields of psychiatry, academia, and government. This has caused massive societal damage by fostering the growth of discrimination and funded the passage of laws that are unconstitutional. This effort to strengthen forced drugging laws was implemented to counter the effect of the growing awareness of the American people about the grave harm that these drugs can and do cause.

My son, who at 7 had an IQ of 146, was medicated without informed consent by the lead researcher in the State of Washington, Jon McClellan, for early onset schizophrenia. The effects are devastating. The iatrogenic illnesses and injuries have disabled my son and 3 of my friends, and millions of people across the globe. First, do no harm--Alternatives are not harmful and work by addressing the root causes and effects of distress."
I have witnessed the victimization of my son and have filed more complaints with authorities that do nothing but abdicate their personal responsibility to perform their legal duty; not only for my son, but for the all the people who they work for.  I can't make anyone do a damn thing.  

I don't care what parasitic public servants think of me. I know that if paid "public servants" are unwilling or unable to do the jobs they are paid with public funds to perform, they need to be fired. If the failure is criminal, prosecution is a duty not be avoided or delayed. 

My son is treated as if he has no rights at all--no patient rights, no civil rights, no human rights. There is nothing right about that at all...

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