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Jan 8, 2011

My Response to An Anonymous Professional

This is my response to a psychiatrist who wishes to remain anonymous...

My grievance?  You disappoint me.  What in fact happened to my son was not just because he was at CSTC and I find your response and offer of assistance disingenuous.  I have complained to the authorities that Washington State Law authorizes to address these issues and know, as do other parents the Age of Consent is being used to exclude parents and in the process violate Parental Rights under the Constitution as well as their children's.  You as well as anybody who can read know that Informed Consent is not applied by the majority of Psychiatrists.  And if you don't know this let me assure you pseudo-doctor practicing the pseudo-science of psychiatry ever told me half of what should be told for an individual to provide informed consent.  

As to the law, you know about parent initiated treatment---so how familiar are you with the fact that parents are coerced and flat out lied to and that psychiatrists and other mental health professionals are using the age of consent to fail to obtain Informed Consent at all???  

I know the law in regards to what was done to my boy.  And your statement that no psychiatrist would see anything wrong with giving the massive quantities of neuroleptics not approved for pediatric use to my son---Not Approved for children--NO Consent, forget Informed Consent. As to consulting an attorney, I have (several), lucky you and Dr. Jackass, and every one says State of Washington skates, as of my precious son's 21st birthday.   Every one also said he had a claim for damages until he turned 21.  Disgusting how we treat abused and tortured children--Statute of limitations on his crimes and failure of the State of Washington to protect any child harmed before the State's interest in protecting itself is NOT NEWS.

Children's Administration had NO psychotropic policy prior to 2005.  Except that employees of the State of Washington do not provide consent for the administration of psychotropic medications for wards of the State due to liability.  That is exactly what Children's Administration policy stated. Until after I brought my son home, after acting as my own attorney, serving my court appointed attorney just like everyone else.  At that time the only antipsychotics approved for children were Thorazine and Haldol.  The parent was the only one who had the legal right to provide consent and consent had to be in writing.  If the parent's consent could not be obtained due to not being available, or failure to participate, etc. the CA caseworker was to obtain a court order from the dependency court.  All children over the age of 13 have a guardian ad-litem and an attorney in dependency cases.  I, unlike the majority of "mental health professionals" I have had the misfortune of dealing with, know how to do research, do not talk out both sides of my mouth, and know that what happened to my son is WRONG all day long, every day.  

He was used in Drug Trials for Christ's sake on top of it--which does not surprise or shock me given the unethical conduct that is rampant in Psychiatry.  I can do nothing about any one else's conduct, now can I?  And believe me, I tried mightily to protect me son, but when psychiatry has the courts and the police acting as handmaidens...what chance do our children have?

Personally I'd like to meet the geniuses on the IRBs that approved Washington State's psychiatric abuse of children---I'd like them to explain how they decided Isaac Murphy and his mother had no say.

One last note, you presume to grant me permission to, "torture myself with the sense of helplessness that comes through in your blogs."   In reality, FYI, writing my blog and telling the world is the first thing that has given me any sense of relief since I realized that the system protects the system.  As Isaac says,(a slight exaggeration, but not much of one) "no one who was supposedly helping me had any compassion for me."  I am grateful I was able to remind him of a couple who never hurt or disrespected him hopefully the fact that that there were a couple who respected him and had compassion for his concerns, will be enough to allow him to know that there are kind and compassionate people.  How did you put it? "reviewed by psychiatrists would be judged and totally appropriate.???"   How many of these psychiatrists would have been alright with their own child being "treated" into a state of disability and lied to at the same time?

And as to how these things work, I can read just fine.  Biederman  is now on an advisory panel for CABF, his "research" is still in Journals and his work being discredited meant NOTHING and did not slow down his career any.  The doctors who prescribe deadly combinations--even known to be fatal combinations of psychtropic drugs are still doctors.  Parents who follow give their children fatal combinations of psychotropic drugs as prescribed have been sent to prison; while the "doctor" is not prosecuted.  More than a handful of  "treated" by these "doctors" have died.  It is what it is.  So far you and your comrades have not killed my children or me, but many have lost their lives. 


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