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Mar 4, 2011

Ask Minnesota to STOP Forced ECT!! Help Elizabeth Ellis!

Please help Elizabeth 
Both Elizabeth and her husband have objected to this barbaric torture--
Why do Psychiatrists need the Court Orders to "practice medicine"?
Why do psychiatrists not comply with Medical Ethics, or the Nuremberg Code?
Forced ECT is a violation of Elizabeth's Constitutional Rights!

"Whenever a doctor can not do good, he must be stopped."  Hippocrates

MindFreedom International News - 4 March 2011
United Independent Activism in Mental Health - please forward
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Elizabeth Ellis Alert 4

       Psychiatrist Recommends:

       Elizabeth Ellis to Have "Months" of "Maintenance" Forced Electroshock

       MindFreedom International Asks Everyone:

       Phone Sen. Al Franken and Other Officials

       D.C. office: (202) 224-5641 St. Paul office: (651) 221-1016

Elizabeth Ellis, 67, of Moorhead, Minnesota is locked in a psychiatric
institution, awaiting more involuntary electroshocks.

She knows what these are like.

Elizabeth experienced a dozen court-ordered involuntary electroshocks
while in a psychiatric institution earlier this winter.

On 5 January 2011 she was discharged to her home, to live with her
husband Robert. But the court ordered her to continue ongoing
involuntary ongoing electroshocks on an outpatient basis. Electroshock
is also known as involuntary electroconvulsive therapy or ECT.

On 12 January Elizabeth reported to the nearby clinic for her
involuntary outpatient shock. After this she joined MindFreedom and
asked for a campaign contacting officials to stop her forced

On 27 January, Elizabeth and her husband took a stand. They stayed
home instead of reporting for the procedure.

As she feared, the price of Elizabeth's "sit in," in her own home, was
a return to a locked psychiatric ward on 18 February. Court documents
reveal a psychiatrist has recommended "several months" of involuntary
"maintenance" electroshock.



       Urgent Action to Stop Elizabeth's Forced Electroshock:

       Contact Elected Officials, Starting with Sen. Al Franken

 From her locked ward, Elizabeth told MindFreedom she is very grateful
for people speaking out. She asks us all to continue contacting

Staff at the D.C. and St. Paul offices of US Sen. Al Franken have
expressed concern, and say Senator Franken is aware of Elizabeth's

Please call and e-mail civil, strong messages to Sen. Franken's
offices, and other officials.

Sample message, though your own words are best:

"Please stop further involuntary electroshocks of Elizabeth Ellis of
Moorhead, Minnesota, as reported by MindFreedom. If you can't speak
publicly about Elizabeth's case, then express your concern about the
policy of taxpayer-funded involuntary electroshock over the expressed
wishes of the subject. Are you concerned?"

Contact US Sen. Al Franken:

** Phone D.C. office: (202) 224-5641 and St. Paul office: (651) 221-1016

** Web form:

Additional actions:

To contact other elected officials and Minnesota Human Services
Administrator, and postal mail a card to Elizabeth, click here:


For the latest news and background info, check the "Elizabeth Campaign
Gateway" here:


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the mental health system.


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