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Mar 8, 2011

Beautiful Day

Mt. Hood

It snowed a little this morning--I started crying.  Some times it is something so silly, I feel stupid.  Isaac had an appointment this afternoon, and when I saw it was snowing it just made me feel so discouraged all of the sudden.  By the time we had to leave, the snow was gone.  The sun was shining bright and it was just beautiful.  There was even a little green sprouting up---I love this time of year(it is spring isn't it?)

I changed some things around on the site---I had no idea how to do this stuff just a few short months ago.  I have been trying to tweet, I have the 'twit,' down pat.  How 'tweet' is that?

I am upset about what happened at Isaac's appointment.  I am pissed.  I can not help but be .  How could the clinician who my son sees (and BARELY trusts) thought it was alright to have two students in her office, to 'observe'?!   She could not see what was wrong with not asking for Isaac's prior permission.  Waiting until he is about to step into her office is prior to the appointment; but given that it was arranged to have the in her office weeks earlier, when the appointment was made, why not get permission when the appointment is made?  Oh because it is easier to coerce cooperation if done the way it was, by having them in the office already.  She asks Isaac, who does not want to be around any more people than necessary; if it is alright," if they sit in on his appointment?"  I loved how he handled it.  Isaac looked her right in the eye; almost imperceptibly, shaking his head then turned, and walked away.

I am pissed that she claims to have no idea why this was WRONG, and perceived to be a violation of what little trust he may have...  My son is fragile---he does not trust people for good damned reason.  No professional seems to have the capacity to understand much less have empathy for him or how and why this is DIS-respectful, and very DIS-empowering. It is not at all therapeutic.  She claims to have no comprehension that without his permission; scheduling his appointment for a day "the students are on campus," amounts to the same old careless disregard.  What Isaac wants, needs or says is irrelevant.

Even so, it was a beautiful day...

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