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Jul 18, 2011

Australian Mental Health, Human Rights and Law Reform Coalition


Please come and support this significant Mental Health, Human Rights and Law Reform Coalition 

Sunday, July 24 · 3:00pm - 6:00pm 
 The Evelyn Hotel  351 Brunswick St.  Fitzroy, Australia

Please invite all your friends, families and comrades to work together, 
as true and equal partners for an improved 
Australian Mental Health System 

*Outstanding Speakers and Advocates* 
Victorian Human Rights 
      Indigenous People's Rights                                                  Mental Health Rights 
Featuring Activists:
Robbie Thorpe, Kelvin Onus King, David Webb,
 Heidi Everett, Greg Oke, Amanda Thorburn, Barry Dickins 

Heidi Everett and Hotel Echo Jake Hapeta and Band 
Kelli Mac Guinness and Friends  
 other amazing artists to be announced.

The winners of the Inaugural 
"2011 Bruce MacGuinness Victorian Human Rights Awards for Mental Health" 
will be announced 
Awards will be presented to Individuals and Organizations who have fearlessly identified and remedied Human Rights Violations 
committed against vulnerable, marginalized individuals and groups across Australia 

Full Bar is available:  Entry: $5 Concession and $10 Non Concession

**Under 18 yrs old ARE permitted accompanied by an Adult.** 
No alcoholic drinks will be served to people under 18. 

**We look forward to seeing you all**
Family, Friends, Carers, Support Workers and Colleagues

 Australian Mental Health, Human Rights and Law Reform Coalition
and our many supporters.

**Date of the protest to be on the steps of Parliament House**
 will be announced at this Fundraiser and Launch Party
 The members of the Australian Mental Health, Human Rights and Law Reform Coalition
advocate for 
Working together, Coalition members support people who experience difficulties 
WE believe that all Australians who struggle can succeed!  
WE Believe that working together, all Australians can achieve
Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing!!

Organizers: Gregory Oke, Heidi Everett, Heidi Song and Nax Green

Contact: 0431 704 975 anytime for more information

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