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Nov 5, 2011

Alert for Alison Hymes

please contact Adinah Caro-Greene at 510.495.7608. 
Western State Hospital is holding Alison Hymes under a court order, this is the same hospital which nearly killed her when they put her on psych drugs after a kidney transplant.  She needed the transplant due to Lithium destroying here kidney and bladder function.  She now has an aneurysm and which they plan on monitoring with a CAT scan.  It is claimed that Alison's aneurysm is too small to operate on.  However, WE STILL NEED to ask the doctors at Western State to take her OFF of the psych drugs which cause strokes.  

Alison's treating psychiatrist, Dr. Ann E. Walling has decided that Alison has signs of dementia.  This is patently false. When Alison is not on psychiatric drugs, she sounds sharp as a tack.  When on them, she does sound "out of it".  The logical thing to do, would be to help her taper off, right?  Well, this is psychiatry we're talking about.  Now her doctor wants to add Aricept to Alison's regimen.  Aricept is an Alzheimer's drug.  Fantastic, another drug for her weak system to process.

We still need people to call Jack Barber at: 540-332-8000 (switchboard) and ask why Alison's medical needs are being neglected.  She should be slowly tapered off the drugs, which she does not want to take, to minimize the  the risk of the aneurysm causing a stroke.

We need people to CALL Mark Seymour, Alison's Human Rights Advocate at Western State.  His number is 540.332-2149.  Ask why her doctors are refusing to let her sign a medical release for the hospital to talk directly with Alison's friend and advocate, Adinah Caro-Greene.  Insist that Alison be supported to sign that release.  Without the release, Alison's help is seriously blockaded.

This is a major issue.  Those of us with labels, if we're lucky, are going to age.  We are going to have a time when we need real, actual medical help.  This discrimination against the psychiatrically labeled is a threat to our quality of life.

Please circulate and post everywhere!


Discover and Recover said...


Thank you for posting.


Anonymous said...

did this ever work? and what other side effects did she have due to the lithium drug?

Unknown said...

I have no idea---I have heard nothing about her for a long time---the person who issued this alert never shared an update about what happened...sorry to say I don't know more.


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