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Oct 28, 2012

Friday Funny: obviously not on a Sunday...



‘Mitt Zombie’ costume growing in popularity around Romney household this Halloween (PICS)

(HAHAJK) – Members of the Romney family say 2012 is the year of the zombie. Mitt Zombie, that is. A recent survey of members of the Romney clan say that this years top costume for Halloween involves a zombie version of Mitt, with FrankenAnnRomneyStein a close second, sources say.
“A zombie version of my dad is going to be a great costume this year, I think,” says one of Mitt’s Five children, Craig. “It is basically my dad but as a slightly scarier looking version of himself, in a tattered suit. He kinda looks like a zombie anyway, but this just adds a few more details.”
Previous years the family says they dressed up as people that made less than $250,000 a year. here

I don't even want to know why my next thought was, "magic Mormon underwear," which I put into google search while remembering when the neighbor boy and I were playing in his room and he wouldn't let me take off GI Joe's clothes...I found out there's such a thing as: 
"Magical Mormon Underwear"!?  
via The Daily Beast: Uses Mitt and Ann Romney’s Faces To Sell Magical Mormon Underwear

by Jeesoo Park Oct 18, 2012
Courtesy of Mormon's Secret
When Ann Romney appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno late last month, she wore a figure-hugging leather skirt and jacket by Boston designer Alfred Fiandaca.  New York magazine called it “exciting and preposterous.”  But for many fellow Mormons (particularly the bloggers) the more pressing issue was whether Romney could have worn her traditional Mormon undergarments under so tight a skirt. see the rest here

hat tip: Ed Yong

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