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Nov 5, 2012

Without justice, society elevates criminals into virtual Masters over their victims

I guess that rumor that Washington State is going to get rid of the MPC providers  may have been true...I wonder if it is because they won a Lawsuit against the State.  MPC providers are owed back pay with interest. Washington State has ignored the  2007 Washington State Supreme Court Jenkins v DSHS decision the entire time I have been my son's provider, I am owed a few grand in back pay myself...

The Department ignored several Court Orders to act on Isaac's behalf when I brought him home from Child Study and Treatment Center when he was almost 17 in 2005. 
It's how DSHS "does business."

I am utterly disgusted with the behavior of the local Home and Community Services,HCS, and SE Washington Aging and Long Term Care, ALTC. The statements and the actions of Dirk at HCS and the ALTC staff are defamatory and slanderous. Once I had faxed my hand written affidavit correcting the BCCU report which states I had answered question 13 with a "yes," I contacted the ALTC office to be informed by Jackie Klingle that a determination had been made that I am no longer allowed to be Isaac's care provider. She refused to give me any reason whatsoever for the determination. Question 13: "Have you ever has a contract and/or license to care for children, juveniles, or adults denied, terminated, revoked, relinquished, or suspended?"

I was first made aware that there was a problem on the 30th of October when a potential in-home care client called me and told me that Dirk at the Home and Community Care office had called her and told her that I could not be her care provider because my license was revoked due to committing  a crime. I knew that this was not true, and I am horrified that such a thing was told to a potential client. There is no excuse for such unprofessional conduct. I turned in a background authorization to the ALTC office and one to the HCS office on the 24th of October. The ALTC BCCU report is dated the 25th, and there is a note written on it that says, "11/17/2006 Wapato HCS" next to the highlighted statement that I answered "yes" to question 13.  I became Isaac's care provider in 2008, and the BCCU report dated 11/25/2008 makes no mention of question 13.  The HCS ran their report on the 26th. It is more than a little suspicious that in the 4 and 5 day interim between the reports being printed and Dirk slandering me to a client, neither agency made any effort to contact me. 

On the 30th I went to the HCS office to speak to Dirk who was less than polite. He proceeded to tell me three different stories as to why I was not going to be allowed to be a care provider for a potential client who has a care assessment for 29 hours of assistance a month. First, Dirk stated I had been terminated because of my 1994 conviction for 4th degree assault. When I informed him that I knew the conviction was not a disqualifying crime, he then claimed I was disqualified because the BCCU report which states that I had answered "yes" to question 13. It was this second story that made me realize he was lying and he was pissed as hell, although entirely calm. So I pointedly asked who he was and asked him why he had failed to even introduce himself. Pointing out his rudeness, made him angrier. The man did not introduce himself, and he was rude and condescending---it was entirely obvious that he had no respect for me whatsoever; it was equally obvious that he felt no need to hide his contempt. Ultimately, he seemed to become be even more unhappy when I pointed out that he had not even bothered to do any fact checking; and as a result he had stated things which he did not know to be true, that in fact are not true. He did not appreciate me pointing out his blatantly unethical behavior. I asked him if he thought there was anything wrong with telling a client that I had lost my license, when this was not a fact he knew to be true. He said he didn't. It was then that Dirk told me the third story he offered as a reason for terminating my contract. Derik stated that I can not be a provider because my birth mother's ALTC case manager (I forget her name) put me on a Status 4 list(whatever that is).  He told me that he had been reading a report that said I had abandoned my birth mother when I was her in-home care provider, and that I had robbed her and left her barefoot at the mission. These are spurious allegations, and Dirk basically sneered at me while he spat out that he had been reading how I had allegedly committed horrific crimes including abandonment when he was told I was at the HCS office to see him. If this were true why was there no criminal complaint filed with Law Enforcement as required by Law? There was no criminal investigation or prosecution. I was never served with any legal notice that the Department had done an investigation or that the Department had substantiated any of what Dirk told me my birth-mother's ALTC case manager had allegedly reported. I've never been served with any legal notice that a determination has been made which disqualifies me from being a care provider.  

I am sick and tired of DSHS employees who are unethical, dishonest and disrespectful and who abuse their authority with impunity. I am tired of being disrespected and treated as if I am not a human being worthy of respect, but after twenty years, I'm used to it---I figure the fact it still makes me sick, is a good thing. At least I know it's wrong; and I don't have Stockholm syndrome. But this is not about me, or how I have been repeatedly traumatized; it is about my son, Isaac and the countless felony and misdemeanor crimes, ethics violations committed by public servants whose unprofessional behavior and rude disrespectful treatment repeatedly traumatized my son and put him in harm's way again and again. This is about State employees and contracted "care" providers who abuse their authority with impunity due to a lack of accountability that is the accepted norm in the unethical culture entrenched within publicly funded child welfare, mental mental and social service programs. This is about the abject failure to protect or defend children and vulnerable adults who are victimized. 

I find it truly ironic that not once has anyone been held accountable in 20+ years for crimes committed victimizing my son, Isaac. No matter the crime, whether it be assault, battery, medical neglect, using perjury to civilly detain and commit him, or using him in human experimentation---which he described as being tortured. My son thought he'd been kidnapped; and in effect, he was. Washington State made him a Ward of the State in order to claim Federal Child Welfare funds; it's called fraud.  DSHS has repeatedly violated my son's Civil Rights, and has repeatedly violated my Civil Rights, for over twenty years. I want to know why in the hell is it permissible for DSHS to violate the Law, and violate my son's Constitutional Rights on a regular basis, ever since he was beat up and put in a closet while in a foster care when he was three years old? I want to know why it is permissible for numerous Case Workers and mental health "professionals" to perjure themselves in Superior Court? Tracy Dalton in King County, Doug Savelesky, Nancy Sherman, and Jeffrey Jennings, in Yakima County, and Leah Landis in Pierce County these are State employees and mental health professionals who perjured themselves in the last 17 years in Washington's Superior Courts while acting as agents of the State of Washington, Under Color of Law. Gary Peterson lied and cost the State $30,000; he experienced no consequences and was allowed to abuse his authority to punish us over and over again...The Medical Director of CSTC, Jon McClellan, tortured my son; treated my son as if he were a lab animal in Drug Trials. In doing so, he broke State, Federal and International Law. He ultimately "treated" my once brilliant son into a state of profound iatrogenic disability. He is still the Medical Director of CSTC; he is still teaching at UW; and most of all, he still belongs in a Federal Prison. 

The cock and bull story alleging that I have been terminated as a care provider because I allegedly committed heinous crimes that were never reported, investigated or prosecuted is particularly cruel all things considered. 

My hope is that writing about these events will compel others to act on the knowledge that public employees and contracted "care" providers must be accountable for violating the law. If public employees abuse the authority vested in them by society, they must be held accountable by society. If they commit crimes, they must be criminally prosecuted. It is not possible to act in the "best interests" of vulnerable children and adults by committing crimes and being deceitful; it does not serve the public good to allow such criminal behavior to go unpunished. Without justice, society elevates criminals into virtual Masters over their victims, while leaving their victims defenseless. Society becomes complicit by remaining silent. Public employees who are not accountable will victimize those we entrust them to serve with impunity. 

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