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“Most psychiatric drugs can cause withdrawal reactions, sometimes including life-threatening emotional and physical withdrawal problems… Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should be done carefully under experienced clinical supervision.” Dr. Peter Breggin

Oct 26, 2010

Psychiatry: Anosognosia Historically and In the Present

Psychiatry Has Anosognosia is where you can find the current version of this post.

I started this blog when I realized that no one was ever going to be held accountable for crimes committed against my son.  My thinking was that I know that I can not make anyone do anything; but I can tell the world what has been done to my son and my family.  Hopefully, by sharing our story, we can prevent others from experiencing what we have.  I am truly humbled by what I have learned over the short time since I started to "tell the world."  I hope that my efforts will be received and honored for the source of the Involuntary Transformation within me that had to occur for you to be reading this right now.  William James called it Religious Experience, I am not a religious person in the traditional sense; but I have a deep and profound faith which sustains me.

My son, my beloved son, it is ironic that the name I gave him is the name of Abraham's son in the Old Testament.  I am a mother whose son has being victimized by people who work for the State of Washington directly, and contracted providers of mental health services; none have never been charged with a crime.  Some, still have the State paid jobs, and Mental Health jobs that they had when they committed these crimes;  others have retired with pensions.  The latest crime is ongoing.  What I have come to learn about the conditions that exist that allow this to happen in the United States of America, is horrifying.  I can not tell you what is worse, my suspicions which lead to mistrust and insane belligerent behavior, or finding out it is far worse than I suspected.  Anosognosia is a medical term.  Here is what Wikipedia says:


Although largely used to describe unawareness of impairment after brain injury or stroke, the term 'anosognosia' is occasionally used to describe the lack of insight shown by some people who suffer from psychosis, and who therefore do not have the insight to recognize that they suffer from a mental illness. There is also evidence that schizophrenic anosognosia may be the result of frontal lobe damage.[7]
 It is used way more often than occasionally.  It is, in fact, one of the main justifications for the passage of the laws which have been used to rob the psychiatricly labeled, of their dignity and their Constitutional Rights to Procedural Due Process.  The very freedoms the rest of America takes for granted as God given rights, are in fact denied as a matter of course.    I know freedom and liberty are denied my son, myself, and any other person who caries the stigma of a psychiatric diagnosis.   
I have nothing but respect for the three psychiatrists whom I have had the privilege of developing therapeutic relationships with.  One, I first saw as a teenager; has continued to be supportive of me whenever I have reached out to him since.  Two former students of his walked with me and my boys offering kindness, compassion, respect and understanding.  I trusted and respect each of these psychiatrists, I am certain that none of these men ever lied to any of my family.  I know I never lied to them.  I am forever in their debt.  
How have so many psychiatrists victimized patients and coerced family members to endorse their efforts with impunity?  These psychiatrists forged an unholy alliance with the pharmaceutical industry, then solicited the unfortunate cooperation of desperate family members in grassroots support systems to aid in an agenda that has in fact, forged the very societal conditions that made what happened to my little boy to be not only possible; but probable.  It appears to be the underlying agenda, of the Treatment Advocacy Center who supplies NAMI with it's propaganda, which is disseminated to further the agenda of the pharmaceutical industry to continue to increase revenue.

The first video is of a short two and a half minute alternative news site report on a progrom that is current policy :

This following link is the first in a four part message delivered by Dr. Peter Breggin who has the the Ethical Integrity to practice psychiatry and to produce research on the practice of psychiatry that is largely ignored.  Our ignorance has meant that we, as a society have become unwitting accomplices to the current practices which have thrown our Nation into leading the way in a global Human Rights disaster.  Each of the videos is ten minutes. You will be able to access the subsequent three once on you tube.

I ask that you say a prayer for my son, and all the victims of iatrogenic illness that resulted from these drugs.


Duane Sherry said...

The video by Dr. Peter Breggin says all that needs to be said about psychiatry...

Psychiatry has not changed since 1938, still providing "special treatment," for the "mentallly ill,"... still behind great injury and death (although now premature, rather than immediate).

Psychiatry has yet to make amends for eugenics, largely because they are still involved in eugencics...

This time, with drugs that shut down the brain - "medications" that "work" slowly and quietly...

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I wish more people knew the truth about the evils of psychiatry, before they were injured by it... Your website is providing a valuable service to many.

God bless you and your son.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I can not say how truly freeing this process has been--knowing for certain, is better than wondering; and being called paranoid, for what I was seeing being done to my to my son. I have had the feeling that I have been shouting in the wind for years, and no one would listen. Except it wasn't that no one was listening. My brother, Mark, who is the top 10o/o; (those that know, will understand the significance of this) has always listened. For this I am eternally grateful.

Duane Sherry said...


Then you hang out with your brother, Mark... and others who truly listen... because you have a lot that needs to be said, and a lot of pain that needs to be expressed as well.

I agreee. It's better to know the truth, no matter how painful, than to be misled... Ironically, psychiatry misleads with false hopelessness rather than real hope! ...

Because recovery is quite real, quite common, and quite possible - even in the most challenging of circumstances.

At the end of the day, these labels, and drugs, and "treatment" do not work for the long-haul, and we need to work on getting the message out that there are other options, not the least of which is having people close by who truly love and care.

On another subject... your dad. I read his background... I bet he is your hero. Like so many from his generation (the "best" generation)... Such a humble group.

I'm a lover of history, especially WWII! I'm sure your family was blessed to have him in your lives, and I bet he watches over you now as an angel - you and your son especially.

My best,


Unknown said...

Brent, Thank you for your comment and your friendship.

It is my feeling that my dad does indeed watch over me. My boys, refer to him as a hero, and not because mom says so. I am truly grateful that he was my dad--it was a choice. I was adopted the week after I turned 4. I wear his pin, to honor him and his service to our Country.

Duane Sherry said...


Love is the greatest healer, and it sounds like there's plenty of that in your home.

Your Isaiah verse has always been one of my favorites...

May He raise you up on eagles wings!



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