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May 9, 2011

Medical Records

I recently tweeted that my son had requested his medical records from the Community Mental Health facility he has been going to for a little more than a year on an outpatient basis, Lourdes, in Richland, WA.  We requested his complete record.  He was there numerous times as a minor on the inpatient ward, it was called Carondelet back then.  It was at this facility he was first given Risperdal, a decade before it was approved---for any use in children.

We were contacted and told what was available were the records from his current episode of outpatient care since the fall of 2009.  The State of Washington requires the medical records we requested be maintained until his twenty-eighth birthday---5 years away.

I suspect further malfeasant behavior...It certainly reeks...The statute of limitations has run out on those crimes, why deny my son his medical records now?

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