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May 9, 2011

Harboring Hope

Pain is individual, unavoidable; this is an accepted fundamental truth, a spiritual axiom.  I am at a place in my life where I am stunned, and frankly, were it not for the faith and spiritual belief system I have, well...suffice to say thank goodness I do have it, I can not imagine where I would be otherwise.  At least I have my faith, hope and love for my sons.

I have been getting an education, no that's not quite it.  I have been having my worst suspicions about the dark side of man revealed as being worse than I feared.  I started writing to tell the world what had happened to my son---reasoning I can make no one do anything, but I can tell the world what was done to my boy; and hopefully help someone else avoid what we could not.  I was not completely honest with myself.  I know I wasn't---I have harbored the hope for Justice, for my son.   What was I thinking?  It is obvious there is no Justice for those who can not afford to pay to see it is done.  And come to think about it, I have never heard of DSHS doing the right thing when employees of DSHS or it's contracted service providers have committed crimes, against my son, or any one else.  I have known them to do what they did in this instance: Fail to protect vulnerable children and adults, deny the State neglected any duty and abdicate responsibility.  Becoming accessories to crime, after the fact.

It is what it is---and I can not believe this is acceptable to any person with a conscience.

Perjury and forgery were used against my son, and all original court documents were shredded by Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health, the mental heath agency that employs the Designated Mental Health Professional and the psychiatrist who committed felony crimes against my son.  Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health gets the vast majority of the federal and state mental health public funds through Medicaid and Medicare in three Counties, (two it is the only mental health agency) in Central Washington; and at one time in the not too distant past; the CEO of CWCMH, Rick Weaver, represented 5, including these three, out of eleven Counties on the RSN Board of Directors, a Conflict of Interest of enormous magnitude.

Rick Weaver told me there was nothing wrong with his agency shredding original court documents the mental health agency he directs was bound by Law to retain.  Mr. Weaver obviously has no Ethics, nor does he appear to be compelled by any duty to ensure the non-profit agency he is the CEO of complies with the Law.

I went to see the Yakima County Prosecutor on April 28, 2011.  I told him about the forgery, perjury and shredding of original court documents.  I told him that I had spoken with his Deputy Prosecutor three times prior to the hearing on August 6, 2010.  He made 'no promises' and said he would 'look into it,' and asked me to bring a statement about speaking to Dan Polage.  He also asked for my phone number.  I gave him my phone number and I took him the text of my post "Failure to Investigate: Psychiatric Abuse In Washington" except for the final two paragraphs and the links on May 2, 2011.

The complaint I filed with the Department of Justice was signed for by J. Tucker on 9-18-2010.  I filed a complaint by express mail with the Department of Justice after speaking with an FBI agent; and receiving no help from Disability Rights Washington (protection and advocacy) and the HHS Civil Rights office in Seattle, WA.  I also filed a complaint with Yakima Police Department.

My Complaint and DBHR response

I harbor hope of the impossible---it is what it is.  I have hope, for something I have never seen: Justice.  I have my hope based on the belief that no person, should be robbed of Justice, not even your son or daughter.

silly huh?

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