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Oct 9, 2011

Support Equal Justice and Accountability in memory of Otto Zehm and Kelly Thomas

Kelly Thomas Memorial Fund
Kelly Thomas
Otto Zehm

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October 9, 2011
Dear President Obama:
Dear Representative Hastings:
Dear Senator Cantwell:
Dear Senator Murray:
I would like to petition Congress to pass a law that allows other police officers to become responsible and obligated legally to intervene and restrain rogue police officers if they witness an assault by a fellow officer during the commission of an arrest. As in the Fullerton case and numerous other cases, other officers witnessing excessive force by law enforcement on the scene aren't compelled/accountable enough to act and prevent deaths such as the case involving Thomas. If another police officer on the scene witnesses excessive force being used, by another law enforcement officer or Officers, they should be obligated to assist the victim of such excessive force without penalty or reprimand because no ordinary citizen can safely intervene and stop it without being subjected to further assault and arrest. If the officers on the scene don't assist the victim & don't participate, they should still all be charged the same as the main aggressor because they did nothing to stop it. Aggressive force by Police Organizations across the country, in my opinion, can be prevented by the very officers that are sworn to protect and serve all citizens regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation. From the victimization of Rodney King to the tragic death of Kelly Thomas, there has to be a law created that can curtail such violence and senseless behavior by law enforcement. And it is with great sincerity & urgency that we address this issue in memory of all victims that have been intentionally assaulted or died at the hands of rogue officers when, had the officer(s) been compelled to stop or restrained, this could've been prevented.Those in Law Enforcement can not be above the Law---It is essential that they be held to accountable for breaking the Law. Equal Justice.

A portion of a report from my blog Involuntary Transformation:
A handful of Police Officers were involved five years ago in the death of a mentally disabled man named Otto Zehm, in Spokane Washington. Otto had committed no crime. Thus far, one officer has been charged with two crimes: lying to investigators, and using "unreasonable force" in beating and repeatedly tazering Otto Zehm.

The Federal Judge is hinting that a plea bargain should be made for this miscreant. The Judge ruled the Assistant Police Chief can not tell the jury that Karl F. Thompson, the Police Officer on trial, did not follow Department Procedures when he chased a frightened Otto Zehm through a mini-market; before commencing to beat him in the head with his police baton---even though these events were caught on video. Otto Zehm was "armed" with a 2-liter bottle of soda; and had committed no crime. Ultimately, Otto Zehm was beaten, tazered and then hogtied before he stopped breathing--

Federal Judge Van Sickle issued a ruling that the jury will not be told that Karl F. Thompson's actions led to Otto Zehm being killed; because this fact the Judge ruled is, “irrelevant and becomes confusing for the jurors. It’s not something that needs to be addressed or should be addressed..."
The Spokane County Medical Examiner ruled Otto Zehm died as the result of homicide in May of 2006, with lack of oxygen to the brain as the official cause. No one has been charged with homicide: The fact that Thompson's actions directly led to Otto Zehm's death, is "irrelevant."

Please support legislation to hold rogue Police Officers and their fellow officers who fail to stop them or speak out accountable!
Ms. Becky Murphy

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