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Jan 3, 2013

Comprehensive Mental Health planning new 16-bed mental health facility

Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health Crisis Center 

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via Tri-City Herald:
By Molly Rosbach, Yakima Herald-Republic
Yakima Valley Memorial to close psychiatric unit

I wonder if it has to do with the illegal commitments? When people are Court Ordered, the SOW picks up the tab, instead of the $ coming out of Yakima County's MH funds. Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health has a way of conducting business in a manner that is less than legal. Specifically, staff have been known to have people who are seeking to be hospitalized, illegally detained, then Involuntarily Committed. Staff then shred the original Superior Court Documents, to cover up the crimes committed. It is (obviously) illegal to shred original Court Cocuments. It is a felony crime to commit forgery and/or perjury, each is punishable by up to ten years in prison here in Washington State.

Nancy Sherman, Designated Mental Health Professional, committed both forgery and perjury, and psychiatrist, Jeffery Jennings, committed perjury when my son sought to be hospitalized. Jennings also provided negligent and unethical care; in the eight days he was my son's 'dorktor," Jennings intentionally did not speak to anyone who knew my son. Even though he had his GP's, his Psychiatrist's, his Counselor's, his brother's, and his mother's contact information. Jennings also entered into my son's Hospital Chart falsehoods about my son's medical history, he also put him back on a Benzodiazepine at TWICE the dose he had totally withdrawn from, due to Cardiac risk, all of this information was available to Jennings in records that were in my son's chart. Jennings also entered into the medical record that he released my son when he did, because I made him! How this could be when we never spoke the entire time he was my son's 'attending physician.' (Jeffrey Jennings would not return multiple messages I left for him, at the hospital and at Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health where both he and Nancy Sherman are employed)

The thing is, Memorial is not, as the kids say, "down with" violating Federal Law, violating people's rights; much less, violating a multitude of laws and multiple people's rights...The way CWCMH conducts business, puts Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital in a position of liability. This a business decision, and probably not due to the $ paid by Medicaid---if that were the case, Memorial would have done this before now...They have never been adequately reimbursed for State Medicaid clients. Anyone not in a coma, with a modicum of critical thinking skills, would comprehend the serious liability it is to conduct business with an organization whose employees casually violate Federal Laws.

Strangely, it seems CWCMH has a secret rule that says there is nothing wrong with employees committing Felonies and then SHREDDING ALL THE ORIGINAL COURT DOCUMENTS to cover their tracks. Designated Mental Health Professional, Nancy Sherman committed forgery and perjury, psychiatrist, Jeffery Jennings committed perjury; as well as knowingly entering false information into my son's medical record, which is also a Felony. The CEO of Comprehensive, Rick Weaver at first tried to tell me that the County Clerk, lost the missing documents; saying the clerk, "loses Court Documents all the time." Less than politely, I told him I didn't believe him. He then said, there was nothing wrong with shredding Original Court Documents, stating, "We do it all the time." Unethical, illegal and just plain dishonest; and soon to be the only option; as the Church Lady on SNL used to say:

read Yakima Valley Memorial to close psychiatric unit here 
The preceding is the comment I left on the local paper's online website. I discovered the link was broken and linked to the Tri-City Herald posting my comment there and republishing it 1-3-2012 

When my son was illegally committed in Yakima County for six months in the community four days after a fouteen day order for inpatient commitment was obtained, the hearing lasted all of one minute and twenty-six seconds. My son's assigned counsel presented the prosecution's case, a Court Order was granted authorizing what started out as the illegal Emergent Order to Detain Nancy Sherman, Designated Mental Health Professional obtained using perjury and a forged document.  I've known for well over a decade that Rick Weaver, the CEO of Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health has no ethical integrity; it is apparent he does not require any from mental health 'professionals' who are employed at CWCMH. 

What would you think if you, or your beloved son went to the hospital and were put on a medication that your regular prescriber had taken you off of due to cardiac risk? My son has had Tachycardia since he was a teenager from the drugs prescribed Off Label; and without Informed Consent in Washington's only State run Children's psychiatric facility. I am outraged and disgusted with how 'mental health treatment' is provided, as if ethical integrity and the outcome for the patient is not relevant. I know that not all psychiatrists and mental health workers treat people like my son has been treated; I just wish there was one where we live.

When I brought my son home after this chain of events, it was three weeks before I could persuade him he was safe enough to go outside the house. He is 6'3" tall and weighs 280 lbs., and he was terrified. My giant son was AFRAID to step into our own yard for pities sake! I had to convince him he was safe. I have to admit, it is one of the hardest things I've done. I know it's a lie. I feel sick about it. I DO NOT LIE to my children. Telling this lie was the only way I could convince him to step outside. I don't believe my son, or anyone with a psychiatric diagnosis, in crisis is safe from unethical mental health professionals.
 My son deserves better, WE ALL DO.

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