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Dec 29, 2010

Age of Consent Can Mean No "Informed Consent"

This post was posted mid December 2010 with a different title. It names the multiple drugs that my son was on in the two months before the date of the document, 10-8-2001.  I have also included a document where the research psychiatrist addresses my "concerns."  On December 31, 2011 I added the  paragraph on the discharge criteria and the TEOSS trial exclusions from

In Washington State a 13 year old can give consent for mental health and substance abuse treatment.  The thinking behind the law was that a teenager could obtain help that he or she felt was needed and not need a parent's approval.  I can see the logic in this.  I am so very aware of how this law was misused by the unethical psychiatrists at the state psychiatric facility for children in Washington and the psychiatrists  in  community mental health centers once he came home.

My son went to this facility in October of 2000 and turned 13 the following March.  In 2001 the Medical Director, a Federally funded researcher, had him on numerous drugs and when I protested, he told me I had no say!  Who was providing consent?  My lost son who could not hold a couple minute conversation, and often would not respond at all?  I know I never gave consent for any of what was done to my son.

It appears to me that this "researcher" was using my son in drug trials.  Obviously if he was, I did not give consent for that either.  Ultimately, shortly after the report below was written he put him on Clozaril, which to this day is not approved for use in juveniles under the age of sixteen.  By November of 2003, my son had tachycardia.  Still my protests went unheeded.  By November of 2004 his BMI was 34.3 and he weighed 246 lbs.  June of 2003 they added a trial of Abilify!  July of 2003 he was put on Depakote for aggression, not an approved use for Depakote..  January of 2004 Dr. Tom Semper lamented that Isaac had a QTC interval in the 440s which meant he couldn't be put on a trial of Geodon in addition to the clozaril, depakote, ativan, colace and miralax!

I know that during these two months this report covers, my son was given huge doses of many drugs which were not approved for use in children.  I know that when I went to see him I was terrified for him.  I know I was treated like shit when I dared voice my alarm at the horrifying deleterious effects the drugs were having on my son.  I thought my son was going to die.   And now I know he could have.  The research psychiatrist acted like a thug not a doctor.  My son begged me to take him out of there the whole time.  I wanted to,  because I know that what I saw was my son getting sicker and I believed then and believe now it was the massive amounts of toxic substances this man gave him--my son with a high IQ that loved to do so much and now...Remembers how he, "used to be able to do that."

In all reality I am truly stunned at the totally cavalier attitude about this sort of thing HOW THE HELL can the State of Washington justify letting this idiot keep his job??!!  Did the people of the State of Washington pay this man to do this to my son?  All of us are familiar with the Hippocratic oath, "First do no harm..."
Here is another Hippocrates quote that is apropos:
"When a doctor can not do good, he must be kept from doing harm."  Hippocrates

Showing he had no need for Informed consent, here is the document from my first post, dated 5-3-04.  This is when he discusses on paper my "concerns," which is what Quack Master Jack called my alarm and vehement protest of his using my son in his drug trials---of course he fails to mention that I had in fact been protesting the deleterious effects of the 'treatment' forced upon my son the since the summer of 2001. Of course he also didn't mention that I had confronted him about not complying with the Ethics Guidelines for Informed Consent that he had written for The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

The fact of the matter is Informed Consent NEVER occurred.  And in this "Psychiatric Summary" he implies that my seriously ill son taking what is given him, is a sufficient substitute.  My son's taking the drugs constituted assent.  I know, as do all the medical staff at CSTC; my boy was coerced.  Informed Consent would need to be choice made based on the facts, and without being coerced.  The facts about these harsh drugs were never told to me by this research psychiatrist; and I'm sure he never had a meaningful conversation with my son about the risks or the potential benefits.  I found out the facts when I researched on my own.  When I read the actual studies detailing rates for death, iatrogenic illnesses, and disability; I cannot tell you the depth of the betrayal I felt.  The fact is, what Quack master Jack calls "concern" was outrage and protest.  My vehement protests were met with derision and ridicule; summarily  dismissed.  Additionally, the Court Order was obtained in order to prevent me from taking my son home, as I said I would. Once the Court order was obtained, I was told by staff that if I brought my son home, it would be a crime. Once CSTC obtained a Court Order in Pierce County Superior Court, it from then on would claim in Pierce County inpatient treatment was required, and telling Yakima County  Superior Court that he would better be better served by being released to live in the community.

My questions were answered with insufficient information, or ignored.  The fact that my son had PTSD and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, a neurological condition which can have the same symptoms of schizophrenia made the diagnosis of schizophrenia suspect; the use of so many toxic drugs without I22nformed Consent, criminal.  Either one of these diagnoses should have excluded him from being enrolled in the TEOSS trials----

Treatment of Early Onset Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders (TEOSS)
Exclusion Criteria:
  • Risperidone (RIS), olanzapine (OLA)*, or molindone (MOL) for 8 weeks or more during THIS episode, with 2 weeks at the maximal dose (6 mg/day of RIS, 20 mg/day of OLA, or 140 mg/day of MOL)
  • If using antidepressant and/or mood stabilizing medications, treatment for fewer than 30 days immediately before entry
  • Intolerance or nonresponse to RIS, OLA*, or MOL during any previous treatment
  • Bipolar affective disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, personality disorder, or psychosis not otherwise specified  (emphasis mine)
  • Currently meeting DSM IV criteria for major depression episode
  • DSM IV criteria for substance abuse or dependence with intention to continue illicit substance abuse
  • Endocrinological or neurological conditions which confound the diagnosis or are a contraindication to treatment with antipsychotics  (emphasis mine) e.g. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
  • Mental retardation
  • Risk of suicide or homicide that is not adequately controlled in the current setting
  • Pregnancy or refusal to practice contraception during the study


Duane Sherry said...


The quote from Hippocrates kinda says it all, doesn't it?

I hope you and your family have a good 2001!


Duane Sherry said...


Typo - 2011 !


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your kind wishes. I had major problems posting my blog--evidenced by the fact that I have two that are exactly the same but two different titles. I am not even going to bother to change it...

May you and your family know you are blessed every day!


Unknown said...


I completely understand where you're coming from. I am not, technically speaking, old enough to have a son or daughter who went through, or could have gone through, that misery, but I know what it is to watch family members and loved ones disintegrate and deteriorate before my very eyes. You have my best wishes for 2011, and I sincerely hope the day will come when all such offenders will be made to answer for their crimes.


zoraya said...

I completely agree with you, Becky, that many psychiatrists abuse the power given over to them by concerned or scared parents when we put our children under their care, and forgo necessary procedures like informing us of very dangerous medications that could become-and indeed become alarmingly frequently- part of the "treatment" given to our young ones, with little or no supervision from a physician able to evaluate the interaction of these meds and pre-existing or emergent health conditions...Been there thrice, escaped, but not unscathed. God is my witness, and He is my source of hope and strength. My kids are now medication free and though sometimes it's hard to interact with them, what teenager isn't hard on their parents? We are so much better and hope in God to get even better...My advice to you: pray fervently, hopefully and confidently. May 2011 be the year your son makes a comeback from that harrowing experience and regain every skill, memory or data he might have lost due to the overdose of psychotropic drugs!God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

You sound most reasonable and I completely agree about a large segment of the phychiatric profession. My adult (in his 40's) brother was involuntarily confined in a facility because it was assumed he attempted suicide. (As it turned out he had written a letter but had only consumed some alcohol and a few pills which required sleeping it off). In this facility which in a very prestigeous area near San Diego he was treated as a criminal and told if he did not submit to any and all "treatment" he wold be put in solitary and confined indefinitely. My very accomplished brother was terrified for the first time in his life. While I sought an attorney he decided to nod and agree with everything and eventually got out. This was an eye opener and very scary ordeal that apparently anyone out there could face.
In you son's case the doctors attitude seem typical as some acquire a "God" complex and the law is unfortunately on their side.
Thands for printing this information and I will sign a petition to stop this type of fraud for occuring.


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