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“Most psychiatric drugs can cause withdrawal reactions, sometimes including life-threatening emotional and physical withdrawal problems… Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should be done carefully under experienced clinical supervision.” Dr. Peter Breggin

Mar 9, 2011

Psychiatry Has Anosognosia

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I started this blog when I realized that no one was ever going to be held accountable for crimes committed against my son. My thinking was that I know that I can not make anyone do anything; but I can tell the world what has been done to my son and my family. Hopefully, by sharing our story, we can prevent others from experiencing what we have. I am truly humbled by what I have learned in the short time since I started to "tell the world" about my family's American Experience. 

I named my youngest son Isaac; because it means laughter. In retrospect, it is ironic that I gave him the name of the son Abraham was asked to sacrifice in the Old Testament to prove his loyalty to God. Unlike Abraham, I was not given a choice; neither one of us were asked if we were willing to make the sacrifices that were forced upon us. I am a mother whose son has been victimized by unethical mental health "professionals;" people who work for the State of Washington directly, and contracted "providers;" none of whom have been charged for their felony crimes. Some, still have the State paid jobs or publicly funded mental health jobs as contracted providers that they had when they committed these crimes; others have retired with pensions. The latest crimes victimizing my son occurred in July and August of 2010. 

What I have come to learn about how public mental health policy is developed and implemented in the United States of America, is horrifying. I can not tell you what is worse: my suspicions being founded; or coming to know it is so very much worse than I ever imagined...

Here is what Wikipedia says about anosognosia:

"Although largely used to describe unawareness of impairment after brain injury or stroke, the term 'anosognosia' is occasionally used to describe the lack of insight shown by some people who suffer from psychosis, and who therefore do not have the insight to recognize that they suffer from a mental illness. There is also evidence that schizophrenic anosognosia may be the result of frontal lobe damage."

The term anosognosia is used by bio-psychiatry devotees more often than "occasionally."  It is used as a justification for laws which force "treatment" upon those labeled with psychiatric illness. Forced treatment robs human beings of their dignity and their Constitutional Rights to Procedural Due Process. According to my son, neuroleptic drugs have robbed him of his intelligence. Liberty and a Constitutional Right to Procedural Due Process of Law are something most Americans take for granted; some claim these are God-given rights; both are in fact denied as a matter of course for those people who are labeled "mentally ill." The Constitutional Rights of parents are stripped from parents whose child has been labeled with a psychiatric diagnosis, as well; it happened to me. 

I know liberty was denied my son for long periods as a child without his Constitutional Rights being preserved or defended. My Rights as a parent were repeatedly violated; my rights to make mental health treatment decisions for my son were illegally stripped from me by a "lead researcher" and psychiatrist. This 'doctor' ignored my pleas to stop using my son in Drug Trials; to stop drugging my son without Informed Consent. I was told I had NO SAY, by Jon McClellan, "Quack Master Jack." Incredibly, the man is still the Medical Director of Child Study and Treatment Center the only State run psychiatric facility for children, and he is still a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Washington. Jon McClellan is one of the investigators who was funded by the NIMH to conduct the TEOSS Drug Trials. I know my son trusts no one but family, for good damned reason...

How have so many psychiatrists victimized patients, lied to, manipulated and coerced family members? The American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry have forged an alliance with the pharmaceutical industry; then solicited the cooperation of desperate family members in 'grassroots' advocacy groups to spread the myth that "mental illnesses" are brain diseases that can be "safely and effectively treated" with neurotoxic drugs. It is a fraud that was perpetrated in order to push a bio-medical "psychiatric treatment" paradigm regardless of the outcome for the individual patients. 

The "Involuntary Commitment" agenda is advocated for by grassroots advocates who are funded by the pharmaceutical industry. This so-called "medically necessary treatment" has caused a significant percentage of patients iatrogenic injuries, permanent disability and early death for countless hundreds of thousands. The public mental health system which is paid by Medicaid and Medicare, and Child Welfare workers are all taken in by this fraud. The fraud could not be effectively perpetrated without the unethical 'psycho' pharmacologists, who claim psychiatric symptoms are evidence of a pathology, and that teratogenic drugs which cause diseases is 'safe and effective treatment." The forced treatment agenda and bio-medical psychiatric fraud have enabled a public policies to be adopted which make what happened to my little boy, possible.

It appears the underlying agenda of the Treatment Advocacy Center and the Stanley Medical Research Institute is to supply NAMI and other "advocacy" groups with propaganda, called "educational and informational" materials. In a little over twenty years more than $300 million was spent by the Stanley Family Foundation to further a forced treatment agenda and lobby for the implementation of involuntary treatment laws in virtually every State in the Nation. The materials were disseminated by advocacy groups and are nothing more than thinly disguised direct to consumer advertising developed by the pharmaceutical company's marketing deprtments. The primary purpose of the so-called advocacy and education materials distributed in the public interest is to increase industry profits. KOLs who are members of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent psychiatrists, professors, and researchers have willingly aided and abetted an ongoing criminal enterprise which continues to defraud publicly funded programs. This endeavor has been extremely profitable for the pharmaceutical industry; while it has decimated Medicaid, Medicare and Veteran Health Care budgets. Even worse, this bio-medical agenda has caused devastating and permanent disabilities and has caused the early deaths of vulnerable people who needed care and protection.

This video is about an Anti-Terrorism program which was developed to identify potential domestic terrorists. When I first watched this video in October 2010, I was shocked to learn that according to this report I could be identified as a "potential terrorist" because of what I write about on this blog.

This following link is the first in a four part message delivered by Dr. Peter Breggin who has the ethical integrity to produce research on the practice of psychiatry that is largely ignored. Our ignorance has meant that we, as a society have become unwitting accomplices to psychiatric practices that are are Human Rights crimes based on eugenic theories; not therapeutic medicine. Under a guise of benifi- cence,  public mental health policy strips the "mentally ill" of their Human Rights "for their own good."

Each of the videos is ten minutes. You will be able to access the subsequent videos on youtube.

Please say a prayer for my son, and for all the victims of iatrogenic illness.

this was originally written and posted on October 26, 2010 with the title "Psychiatric Anosognosia: Historically and In the Present." I have made minor changes and updated

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Elliander said...

One of the biggest problems with laws allowing Involuntary Commitment is the way it is written. As an example, Florida has "The Baker Act" which simply states that if a Psychiatrist feels a client might become a danger to oneself or others, regardless of any evidence that may or may not exist, that Doctor may act with the authority of a Judge and issue an effective court order to have the Police detain the client in their office and transport the client to a mental hospital. At that point the client is entitled to a 72 hour evaluation by another doctor which is considered the second opinion. If that doctor disagrees with the first doctor the client is released, effectively making those 72 hours an example of False Imprisonment. More often the second Doctor would be paid a bonus to keep beds full and so has a financial incentive to "feel" that the client is in need of further evaluation. Then the client has a right to a trial within 30 days before a Judge who can order a release. When it becomes evident that the client intends to do so the typical response is to force drug the patient via injection, which they have the right to do despite an adult patients right to refuse to swallow pills. When it goes to trial, the Judge can order an immediate release making the full 30 days an example of false imprisonment... However, be it 72 hours or 30 days of false imprisonment, the client is not entitled to any reparations. This is because the law is worded as an opinion and not a fact. A client cannot even sue the doctor for malpractice because no facts are required. In effect, a person is held as guilty until proven innocent and although due process appears to exist it is completely backwards... I know because this exact scenario happened to me when I was 18. I lost a job, lost a month of my freedom, and had to be released by court order. The irony is that this law was intended to "strengthen the due process and civil rights of persons in mental heath facilities" but at the same time made it easier to place a person in the same facilities though the history is obviously much worse. Here is a history of the Florida laws:

Duane Sherry said...

Becky and Elliander,

It's a shame that freedom is so "cheap" when it comes to psychiatry... So cheap!

I wonder if these Bozos who lock people up against their will have any idea of the "fight or flight" response they create by doing so... The person being locked up has no idea how long they will be held, nor what they are supposed to do to get released.

How is a person suppose to act "sane" when they are forcefully placed in an insane environment? I wonder how any mental health professional would react to being locked in their own home... locked up with surroundings they are already accustomed to, without strangers... Simply told that they will be "observed" by cameras for exactly one week... Their every move watched closely...

Now take the same mental health professional, and put them in an unfamiliar environment, with people they don't know, and tell them they will be "watched" for 72 hours, and released only if they don't appear to be "mentally ill."

Good luck.
It's enough to make anyone go insane.
Which is precisely what happens in those environements...

I say "due process!"
Burden of proof on the psychiatrist... Actually, on the state... to prove in a court of law that someone is an immenent threat... not a perceived threat! In a real court (not one of kangaroo variety, aka "mental health court"... A judge, a jury, an attorney (not a social worker!)

It ain't cheap!

Ask any soldier, it ain't free!


Duane Sherry

Duane Sherry said...


You asked -

"I ask that you say a prayer for my son, and all the victims of iatrogenic illness that resulted from these drugs."

Response -

You bet.

I would like to ask you and your readers to pray for the troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the 2,200 Marines who were recently deployed off the coast of Libya.

Duane Sherry

Unknown said...


Thank you for the reminder to pray for Our Troops. Serving the Country in the Armed Forces is a sacrifice made which All of us here at home benefits from whether we are Patriotic or not. I am and I pray for Our Troops--because I know I owe them a debt which I can never pay.

I would add the elderly Veterans who are in a VA facility with Dementia and enrolled in a Seroquel Drug Trial are in need of prayers and advocacy. They are entitled to protection from being enrolled in unethical Drug Trials. Particularly Drug Trials that are only taking place to expand the the market for Seroquel. Anti-psychotics have already been determined to cause an marked increase in mortality for these vulnerable Veterans, they deserve better than being used as guinea pigs! I for one, think serving as young men is and was more than enough!


Unknown said...

The lack of insight into the bind psychiatrists put their patients in is truly frightening; to say the very least. That society has bought into the idea that people with particular diagnoses are no longer aware of their own reality in any meaningful way--and it is ok to treat them as if they are not worthy of being treated with dignity and respect. Our Institutions seem to have taught students anosognoia; psychiatry has somehow deluded it's practitioners into believing the diagnosed are incapable of recognizing how they are disrespected and invalidated; since any protest from the patient or family advocate is treated with the attitude "they are mentally ill and don't know what's 'good' for them and what or how they experience, even illness, it is just what "they" do. How a patient perceives the treatment is effecting them is NOT important; and certainly not ever valid when it differs from the psychiatrist. It is never as important agreeing that the patient continuing drugs exactly prescribed, REGARDLESS of the effects or the patients protests, perceived or real harm being done or the potential for disability. How is it this is not recognized for what it is?!

Human Rights Crimes are now considered "medical treatment" and mandated by law...

This is more than sad, it is social control of anyone that psychiatry has labeled---given the reality of how this was used on to my child, who is now a young man valiantly trying to overcome the outrageous abuse and trauma his "medical treatment" consisted of. The utter devastation the repeated psychiatric assaults and traumatic effects of the drugs and the loss of abilities that he in agony asked me, "How could they take so much from me, Mom?" The damage this outrageous treatment has caused his spirit, is heartbreaking; to say nothing of the damage done to his physical health and his cognitive and functional abilities. Knowing they broke the law repeatedly to do this to my son; and not once have any of my complaints to authorities been appropriately investigated; I have no doubt that psychiatry has anosognosia, the alternative is that psychiatry simply does not care about humans period.

Isaac now knows that when he feels afraid and not safe, i.e. threatened, he has the right to walk away. It's a start.


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