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Jan 11, 2011

New York State Event: As of 1-11-11 WE SPEAK FOR OURSELVES

This event is taking place today.  Those whose care is paid with Medicaid and\or Medicare are by law to receive client-directed services to be reimbursable under these programs.  Sadly, this is seldom the case.  Children's Mental Health Services are to be Child-Centered and Family-Driven this has been the law for over a decade, yet th vast majority of Mental Health Service Systems have not as yet complied with these Federal mandates, failure to comply is fraud.

I wonder if Mental Health Providers were held accountable, and actually complied with these Federal laws, if our Mental Health as individuals, families and communities would be improved?  I am certain we all would benefit from a system which is respectful of the law; it may even lead to increased respect for those whom the professionals employed by the Mental Health Service System serve directly!


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Subject: 1-11-11 People Involved in the Mental Health System WE SPEAK FOR OURSELVES Legislative Educational Awareness Day
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Whether or not you are located in New York or in the US, please post and share.  Thank you. 

Link for press release (full text below).

People Involved in the Mental Health System

Legislative Educational Awareness Day


Albany, NY

Legislative Office Building.  

Three events: 

The Egg 10 AM

West Park Capitol Building 2 PM

Room 711A Legislative Office Building 3 PM

Video and postings will be made available online via FB and other social media outlets throughout the day by organizers and people attending; please share as video, postings, and images become available.


ALBANY, NY (01/10/2011)(readMedia)-- --

WHO: People who are involved in the Mental Health System


WHEN: 1-11-11


TIME: 11 AM - 1 PM

WHERE: Swyre Theater, The Egg, Albany, NY

WHAT: Program of people involved in the mental health system learning from each other.


TIME: 2 - 2:45 PM -

WHERE: West Park, Capitol Building, Albany, NY

WHAT: Rally and Press Conference


TIME: 3-5 PM

WHERE: Legislative Office Building, Room 711 A, Albany, NY

WHAT: Alternatives Room and presentations by Amy Colesante on Asset Based Community Development; Darby Penney on Trauma, and Daniel Hazen on Human Rights

WHY: More than 600,000 New Yorkers receive "mental health services" each year. Historically we have not been represented by our own voices, but the voices of trade organizations and others largely funded by the pharmaceutical industries to the Legislature. Because we seek Alternatives to the monopoly of the "medical model" and its costly and controversial practices of psychiatry we are consistently underrepresented with limited ability to speak freely as a collective power - on 1-11-11 this changes. In these times of financial crisis, the Alternatives we seek could save New York tax-payers billions of dollars.

THREE EVENTS will bring together hundreds of people on 1-11-11 to put foward our four main priorities: 1) alternatives to the medical model; 2) parental and children's rights; 3) safe and affordable housing; and 4) informed consent for psychiatric treatment required.

Collectively, we say, Our Time Has Come! We Speak For Ourselves! Nothing About Us Without Us! It is time for New Yorkers to make our voices heard, end abuses and force in the mental health system, and provide people in need with the types of help that we want and need! 1) alternatives to the medical model; 2) parental and children's rights; 3) safe and affordable housing; and 4) informed consent for psychiatric treatment required.

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