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Jul 30, 2011

Women Say They Were Raped As Children at Child Study and Treatment Center

This is a King 5 story from November 2009.  I remember, this staff member, and one of these women, I am proud to call my daughter; and her daughter is my granddaughter.  I know from personal experience, crimes against the people who are diagnosed as mentally ill are not reported to Law Enforcement as required by Law, consequently, crimes are not investigated.  Washington State's Department of Social and Health Services and the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery fails to hold employees of the State and it's contracted providers accountable as the Law requires them to do.


I remember pointing out to a staff member that there was something wrong with him.  He had obvious, "sexually inappropriate behavior"!!   I was told he needed more training about boundaries!  This was told to me by the psychologist who gave all of us the creeps.  All of us being my son, myself and my Aunt Maryanne.  She gave both me and my Aunt the impression that the kids belonged to the facility.  It was spooky...She referred to them as "our children" and spoke of needing them for "the studies."

Not a single staff member, all mandated reporters, called the Law Enforcement as required by law--no one who failed their duty to protect these girls lost their job.  The rapist plead guilty to a lesser charge, and was sentenced to probation!   The State of Washington denied the claim for damages; and the case is in appeals.  How can the State maintain that it's duty to protect the children and adolescents at Child Study and Treatment Center was met; when the rapist was a known risk prior to these two victims?  Another girl had reported being molested by the same staff member a year prior; and was convinced that she needed to recant her statement by the staff member she told, the same staff member that I had voiced my concerns to!    

This guy was not an unknown or unidentified threat, which existed in spite of due diligence; but a known threat kept on staff!   I wonder if these girls had not been Wards of the State, if more would have been done to protect them?  I wonder if when this guy was prosecuted, more appropriate charges would have been filed, and whether a more appropriate sentence been given to this rapist?   Crimes against State Wards are covered up, because it is supposedly in the State's interest to do so.  It is seen as the best way to minimize the State's liability.  It is obviously not in the victim's interest to do so; since in doing this, the State of Washington denies victims the support and services which may be needed to recover from their injuries.
  Read the King 5 Story here.

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