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“Most psychiatric drugs can cause withdrawal reactions, sometimes including life-threatening emotional and physical withdrawal problems… Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should be done carefully under experienced clinical supervision.” Dr. Peter Breggin

Jul 2, 2012

Now that is crazy!

It is not surprising that the bio-disease psychiatric treatment paradigm has failed; it is  pseudo-science; based on biased assumptions, and errors of attribution.  The newest fad or incarnation is psychopharmacology.  It is hailed by those with a myopic devotion to a bio-medical model steeped in the aforementioned biases and errors.  Psychiatry, in this bio-disease paradigm, is not grounded in any moral, philosophical, or scientific principles.  Indeed, it is exists in stark contrast as a gross departure from these principles; it is wholly contradictory to Medicine in the Hippocratic tradition.  It does not seem to honor or value, much less adhere to, the Hippocratic Oath to "First, do no harm..."   

Beyond comprehension is the lack of meaningful response from the medical and legal professions.   Failing to repudiate the gross departure from Ethical, Medical, Scientific, and Legal Principles by remaining silent  is to be complicit in the targeting of specific groups of vulnerable people for legally authorized 'special treatment.'  How is this not seen for what it is?!  It is using fear-based misinformation, i.e. propaganda, recruiting family and community advocates to 'educate' and inform on those targeted; it is legally classifying particular groups of people as being in need of 'special treatment.'  This are the exact same social control strategies which were used leading up to the Holocaust for God's sake!  The 'needed treatment' never cures or heals, it always debilitates and inevitably leads to death.  We have as a society, been duped by 'medical professionals' who have convinced us that the best way to help is to harm vulnerable children, adults, the elderly and traumatized veterans and to deprive them of fundamental Human Rights, and even their right to object.   Now that truly is crazy!  Silence becomes complicity.  Medical and Legal professionals have went along with psychiatry's fraudulent, unethical, coercive and manipulative methods which disable and kill; but never cure or heal.  Psychiatry's 'psycho' pharmacologists insist that some people must be forced to have 'special treatment' for the rest of their lives---which really means, until it kills them... 

Medical professions have witnessed the negligent care psychiatry provides to psychiatric patients for the iatrogenic, or 'physician caused' diseases, and the cognitive and neurological impairments, along with the emotional injuries  inflicted upon psychiatric patients in this "Standard of Care."   The standard is based on the biased opinions of psychiatrists and are rooted not in medicine, but in a social control system embedded in standards of care and entrenched within our Human Social Service System.  The Human Services System is steeped in Eugenics theory.  The Human Service system was started by Eugenicists, who acting under the guise of benevolent assistance, ( for the good of society) targeted individuals  and families in need of social services.  Those targeted, were selected due to the perception that they were considered 'genetically inferior.'  The  historical roots of psychiatry are inextricably linked with this Eugenics history.  Psychiatry has always relied on coercion and other social control strategies, including using misinformation.  Psychiatrists today are vehemently defending the practices which effectively rob psychiatric patients of their dignity, their autonomy, their Human Rights and their very lives.  Psychiatry is in effect, defending a RIGHT to cause iatrogenic illnesses and disabilities, including causing drug-induced death to their patients.  Physician caused homicide is blindly accepted by society---it is even 'legal;' as it was in Germany leading up to the Holocaust.

The obvious primary function served (intentionally or not) that the claim people who have a psychiatric diagnosis 'lack insight,' is that when the claim is believed; it effectively deprives the person of ANY and ALL means of defending themselves against psychiatric assault.  Iatrogenic harm is common, and the harm is intentionally and purposely inflicted upon patients by psychiatrists.  It is a travesty that these so-called doctors claim it is 'necessary medical treatment' since their treatment doesn't actually 'treat' an identified disease;  but in fact causes a myriad of disabling and fatal diseases.  So drug-induced death is now an acceptable primary outcome achieved by Psychiatry with it's so-called "medical treatment."

Disability and Death are the new Recovery Standard

This is a gross abuse of power and medical privilege; based on an idea which is not even a validated hypothesis; yet is accepted as a basis to force treatment while depriving a person of their Individual Rights, their liberty, and their physical health.   First it was just done to the 'schizophrenics' now it is children and teenagers with behavior issues, trauma victims, vulnerable elderly, and now too also alcoholic/addicts who commit crimes or get federally funded treatment.  Psychiatry has slowly widened the net for potential patients to act in loco parentis  for.   Psychiatry without conforming to the ethical principles of scientific research or medical practice, has been granted the Legal Authority to determine who NEEDS this special medical treatment which can be, addictive, disabling, and fatal.  What exactly about all of this is so desirable yet none of the ethical standards or societal norms are needed?  How can it be overlooked that this 'medical specialty' continues to drug people into states of disability and sudden or early death. Psychiatry claims to be treating diseases and chemical imbalances, when in reality their treatments are causing diseases and chemical imbalances that can  disable and kill psychiatric patients.   Now these drugs are the most 'popular' prescription drugs, and are prescribed to all ages; prescribed off label for avirtually any and every psychiatric diagnosis, and even, absent any psychiatric diagnosis!  

Psychotropic Drugs are the antithesis of  
'Medicine' in the Hippocratic tradition.

Psychiatry in the bio-medical paradigm of 'care'  lacks the support of ethical scientific research, but it is the lack of respect for psychiatric patients which inflicts untold emotional harm upon patients and family members alike; and rightly causes deep mistrust.   The underlying message patients and family members harmed by this disrespect is that psychiatric patients do not deserve to be respected, to be listened to, to be defended or protected; they do not even deserve to be told the truth.  Seems to me this is backwards--- how does believing a person has an illness and doesn't know they're sick, who needs others to act on their behalf, justify lowering standards of care and adopting treatment compliance as a primary measure of successful treatment?  This lowering of standards effectively sends the message: Psychiatric patients are not worthy of respect. 
Now that is crazy!

This failure to respect the dignity and humanity of psychiatric patients is allowed, accepted and even encouraged by some as a valid ethical medical practice!  Coercion, and manipulative abuse of  authority are dishonest, unethical behaviors; in any other context, the behaviors  are easily recognised as bullying behaviors.  People are told what perhaps is a gross exaggeration, and may not even be true at all. People are told that the psychiatric diagnosis that they are labeled with means they have a disease which requires medical treatment for the rest of their life, because the disease cannot be cured.  This is fraud.  It is without empirical data to validate the claim; without evidence that supports the Standard Practice of using neuroleptic drugs automatically as a first-line treatment. Standards are to be derived from the scientific evidence; not developed and implemented as part of the Standards of Clinical Care, by consensus, without supporting evidence.  Particularly when there is ample evidence the drugs are inefficacious for many, and have significant risks, including fatality.

One wonders how has the medical profession become willfully blind to iatrogenic disease, disability and death?  These are common real world outcomes of standard psychiatric treatment.  Patients are rarely warned of the risks for the harm ultimately caused to them by unethical practitioners.  It is also standard practice to avoid telling patients, family members and the general public the truth about the teratogenic nature of psychiatric drugs.  It is even more common to deny the adverse effects patients experience, or worse, attribute iatrogenic injury to the 'disease' supposedly being treated...How many in the medical profession are aware that psychiatric patients are routinely misled, manipulated and coerced?  As a matter of course parents are misinformed and pressured, coerced and worse, have their children taken from them for not consenting to giving them neurotoxic drugs---This is a gross abuse of medical and legal 'authority.'  In fact this practice does not adhere to any ethical or legal standards, it is tearing families apart.  Psychiatry, in effect, captures patients and robs them of the rights everyone else has. How is this not recognized as an utter lack of respect which strips people of  their human dignity?   How is it ethical or moral to drug people who are effectively politically and legally dis-empowered upon diagnosis? In effect, de-voiced.  

Psychiatric diagnosis is the "stigma"

I do not understand how inhumane unethical treatment of this type is accepted as a valid medical treatment.  How can it be medically or morally justifiable?   It is morally reprehensible that it as a direct result of standard 'medical treatment' a significant percentage of patients are disabled.  How can it be justified with a claim that it is, 'for their own good?'  One does not need to be a doctor to know that when far fewer patients are 'effectively treated,' than are disabled and die from the treatment; it is only an 'effective treatment,' if disability and death are the desired treatment outcomes.  Calling this medical treatment and making it 'Legal' doesn't make it efficacious; it certainly does not validate the claim that it is, 'medically necessary,'  and it certainly is not ethical... Why are psychiatric diagnoses used so casually in Courts of Law?  Rules of Evidence are ignored in Commitment proceedings.  Unlike any other medical illness, a psychiatric diagnosis can be adjudicated, instead of being verified or supported by the results from medical diagnostic procedures.  This legal determination becomes a part of a person's pemanent legal record.   Psychiatric diagnosis can be more accurately described and understood as a restriction of political and legal power.

A psychiatric diagnosis is a legal determination of one's diminished political power and legal status. Involuntary Treatment statutes lower evidentiary standards used in civil commitment proceedings; the lowered legal standards effectively deprive a person of their Human Rights.

If that isn't stigmatizing, I don't know what is!

It's criminal.

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first posted 5-5-2012 rewritten 7-2-2012

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