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Jul 22, 2012

Dr. Allen Frances vs. Psychiatric Survivor Activism

via MindFreedom:

Surprising Secret Opposition to MFI's Successful Peaceful Protest of Psychiatry on 5 May 2012

When 200 people, mainly psychiatric survivors, protested in front of the American Psychiatric Association... there was something missing. A surprising footnote to the 5 May 2012 protest in Philadelphia reveals that Dr. Allen Frances "vocally opposed" support for the event, behind the scenes.

MindFreedom International News Investigation


Behind-The-Scenes "Vocal Opposition" by Psychiatrist Against MindFreedom International Protest in Philadelphia of American Psychiatric Association's Labeling

Dr. Allen Frances: "Vocal Opposition" to MindFreedom ProtestMindFreedom's historic national protest of the harm done by psychiatric labeling revealed some surprisingly "vocal opposition" to us psychiatric survivors, behind the scenes: 
Dr. Allen Frances (photo on right), supposedly a key critic of the psychiatry's proposed newest label bible, acted to squash support from key allies for the protest.

Dr. Allen Frances vs. Psychiatric Survivor Activism

There we were, enthusiastically preparing to protest peacefully directly in front of the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting in Philadelphia on 5 May 2012. 
Two hundred of us, mainly psychiatric survivors, came from all over the USA and Canada, listened to speeches, marched in the streets and even tore up our labels directly in front of this gathering of thousands of psychiatrists, to protest their planned new "label bible," their upcoming revised Diagnostic and Statistical Manual - DSM 5. 
But something surprising was revealed by the protest. Or more accurately, something surprising was missing at the protest. Looking back, it seemed we were mainly psychiatric survivors and family members, with only a few psychologists and psychiatrists allies (thank you!). 
It turns out a committee of psychologists opposing psychiatry's new label bible - behind the scenes - pulled announced support for our protest, due to private pressure by that psychiatrist who claims to be a lead critic, Dr. Allen Frances.  read David Oak's report here
hat tip: TallaTrialogue

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Anonymous said...

Francis fraudulently misrepresents himself. His deceit has been transparent since his original pieces in the New York Times.


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