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May 20, 2013

(de)VOICED: a trailer

(de)VOICED is a participatory research project of my friend, Lauren Tenney.  Lauren a human rights activist, Director at The Opal Project, Adjunct Professor at College of Staten Island, CUNY and Author at Existential Trash AuthorHouse (2005)

via Lauren:
Please watch, this is a draft. Please comment - I'm so curious if this makes sense to someone outside of my head. Thanks! (from (de)VOICED- Coming Soon!!!) Again, this is a draft - not even a rough cut really.  It has not been submitted to, or approved by, the committee.

via Lauren Tenney on youtube:
(de)VOICED trailer  not submitted or approved 

Isaac summer 2011
Preliminary graphic:
not approved graphic
originally titled, "(de)VOICED: A PARTICIPATORY PLANNING PROCESS DRAFT with (de)VOICED trailer" updated: 8-5-2013

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