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May 1, 2013

I am without hope at the moment; I hope to have hope again soon...

I have been avoiding writing about the results of the Administrative Law Judges's determination, mostly because things seem somehow more real when I write about them...Sometimes reality can have not only a bite, but it seems to chew me up at times. It took me almost two months to realize that I was stuck. In fright. Absolute terror. Reliving. By then, it was Christmas, and I've never liked holidays---suffice to say, going through the motions for others wasn't possible and there was no money to spread Christmas cheer. 

These are the things I miss the most: my innocence, naiveté, the ability to trust, a belief that people are basically good and the justice system is based on truth.

The two people who offered to write letters of support, didn't. The Administrative Law Judge's decision was not the one I wanted; but it is not as bad as it could have been. I don't know how much longer I will be blogging, or doing anything online. The truth is I may have to sell everything we own that can be sold to survive. I don't care about things, but I do care about how all of this is going to further negatively impact my son. I care that I don't know if we will be able to afford the nutritional supplements that ameliorate some of the adverse effects of the fucking drugs that are continuing to take a devastating toll on his cognitive abilities and his physical health.  I see my son, he has yet to be "seen" by any mental health "professional." Professionals fail to show compassion, fail to recognize his trauma, his fear, his need to be respected and validated. They refuse to see the iatrogenic injuries they are inflicting with callous disregard with the multiple teratogenic drugs they prescribe.  I wonder, do they believe my son is not worthy of positive regard? Do they not see that in effect, my son has been so thoroughly and repeatedly traumatized that he has effectively been stripped of his ability to trust? It is understandable, all things considered, that clinical settings of any kind sometimes  fill him with so much fear that he can't stay.  When I point this out, it's met with confusion, and  a refusal to even consider my son's inability to stay in an appointment is a natural, fear-driven response; it is a symptom of PTSD.  My son deserves respect, compassion; professionals need to EARN his trust and stop acting as if it is their due just because they are "professionals."

I care that I know of no ethical mental professionals that are not believers in the mental illnesses are biological diseases illusion that are within driving distance that accept Medicaid. Supposedly, ethical treatment providers must obtain Informed Consent for treatment and provide  "client and family directed" mental health services to comply with Medicaid guidelines. I don't believe the so-called professionals we have to deal with even know what Informed Consent is; much less, believe that my son should be listened to or treated with respect---and have no problem disrespecting me while demanding that I respect them. 

Washington State doesn't even investigate felony crimes committed by mental health professionals that victimize clients of the publicly funded mental health system even when the crimes are well-documented and reported.  At least none of the crimes I have reported in which my son was harmed have ever been investigated---not when he was a child, and not as an identified vulnerable adult---no crimes committed by State's employees or contracted service providers that I have filed complaints with the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) about have ever been referred to Law Enforcement for criminal investigation; even though it is required by law for "mandated reporters" to file such reports. Complaints must first be filed with DSHS, which means the complaint is first "investigated" by social workers without training in criminal investigation or preserving any individual Constitutional Rights. Every single time, these  mandated reporters have opted to commit the gross misdemeanor crime of Failure to Report; and then to become accessories after the fact by committing further crimes to effectively cover up the crimes reported that they are supposed to refer to Law Enforcement.  Obviously, this is done to protect the state from being held legally liable.  The so-called "broken social service system" is broken due to this obvious Conflict of Interest that is entrenched within both the Child Welfare and the Adult Protective social service systems. 

Discriminatory mental health public policies are implemented by a unethical public mental health system with impunity since fraud and perjury can be the basis of Court Orders for Involuntary Treatment.  In 2010, felony crimes were committed by Nancy Sherman, a Designated Mental Health Professional and Jeffrey Jennings, a psychiatrist; both of whom were employed at Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health, (CWCMH) the local community mental health clinic when my son sought to be hospitalized.  CWCMH shredded the original court record---another crime that went without investigation.  Rick Weaver, the CEO of CWCMH told me there was nothing wrong with shredding the record saying, "We do it all the time." I care that the only option is to continue to get Isaac's care from mental health "providers" who are dishonest, unethical, not supportive, and at times, criminal. I care that one of the people who offered to write a letter for the hearing after stating the State's plan put forth by Jackie Klingele, "would be devastating for Isaac;" didn't actually write a letter. The person has failed to write about what my son's needs are after offering to do so twice now---obviously, this is no way to earn a person's trust.   

In 2010, I promptly filed a complaint on my son's behalf reporting the fraud and perjury committed in Yakima County Superior Court and that CWCMH had criminally shredded the Court Record to be told by the DSHS Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery's complaint manager, Ronald Moorhead, that the State had no duty to investigate these felony crimes that traumatized my son and violated his Constitutional Rights. A state employee, David Reed  claimed there had never been any complaints to his knowledge about rights violations in civil commitment proceedings when I spoke to him---he flat out lied, the man had been appointed by Christine Gregoire, who was the governor at the time to investigate the complaints.  

I was given the same answer by Health and Human Services Civil Rights office, and the protection and advocacy office, Disability Rights Washington.  The State Attorney General's office ultimately recommended that I get an attorney to compel the AG to do his job in December of 2012.  What is even stranger, is in the email sent by AAG, Eric Nelson, states he is responding to my communications with the AG's office since September 18, 2012; a full year after I first contacted the AG's office. 

More than a year after I had filed an even more thorough (more thorough than those filed with DSHS, HHS, Disability Rights Washington and YPD ) complaint with the Department of Justice, I was informed that they don't investigate the types of crimes I had reported!  I sent the complaint overnight express mail after talking with a DOJ employee at length, who informed me that the Office of Civil Rights, Criminal Division was the appropriate section to receive the complaint. I called again after it was delivered to the Office of Civil Rights Criminal Division. I was told the complaint was in the correct department, and that it would be several months and up to two years before the complaint would be investigated. I was also told that if I ever had further information, to be sure and call back. 

The reason I called the DOJ in December of 2011 was to provide further information about the complaint.  When I called, I was put through to a person who knew exactly what I had reported, who informed me it had yet to be assigned to an investigator, and asked why I was calling. I said I had further information and was asked what it was. I said the psychiatrist and federally funded researcher, Jon McClellan who had  drugged my son into a state of disability while conducting Drug Trials identified in the complaint I filed had testified in a US Senate Hearing on December 1st, and that he had, in my opinion, committed perjury at the hearing when he claimed to have no idea why kids are being drugged off label for emotional and behavioral problems---The reason I believe Jon McClellan's testimony is perjured is the man WROTE treatment guidelines and practice parameters for virtually every psychiatric diagnosis given to children; in virtually every one, he in fact RECOMMENDS prescribing neuroleptic and other psychotropic drugs off label to children; including prescribing the drugs in combination, called polypharmacy. This being the case, it is obvious that no reasonable person could believe that McClellan has no  clue why the drugs are being prescribed singularly and in combination to children off label. I wonder, does he have any idea why he prescribed so many neuroleptic and other psychotropic drugs to my son off label concomitantly without Informed Consent? Why did he treat my son as if he were less than human and disable him? 

The crimes I reported in 2010, were committed by agents of the state who were acting Under Color of Law. What does the Office of Civil Rights Criminal Division do if not  investigate and prosecute Civil Rights crimes committed Under Color of Law??? 

It is extremely difficult, no it's impossible,  to accept all of this without crying. I don't have any idea how I'm going to pay the bills I owe, much less the ones that will be coming in. It would be nice if the State would comply with the Law and pay me the back pay owed to me with interest like the  Washington State Supreme Court ordered, I doubt this will happen though.  I am without hope at the moment; I hope to have hope again soon...

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