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Jun 14, 2013

Washington State Constitutional Rights of Psychiatric Patients Violated Under Color of Law

RCW  71.05.520  – Protection of rights.

“The department of social and health services shall have the responsibility to determine whether all rights of individuals recognized and guaranteed by the provisions of this chapter and the Constitutions of the state of Washington and the United States are in fact protected and effectively secured.
To this end, the department shall assign appropriate staff who shall from time to time as may be necessary have authority to examine records, inspect facilities, attend proceedings, and do whatever is necessary to monitor, evaluate, and assure adherence to such rights. Such persons shall also recommend such additional safeguards or procedures as may be appropriate to secure individual rights set forth in this chapter and as guaranteed by the state and federal Constitutions.”
[1973 1st ex.s. c 142 § 57.]

The State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services does not in fact have any appropriately trained investigators assigned to examine records or investigate complaints that criminal violations of any individual's rights, "recognized and guaranteed by the provisions of this chapter and the Constitutions of the state of Washington and the United States are in fact protected and effectively secured." There is no plan to change this.  David Reed works as an administrator for Washington State's the Department of Social and Health Services, Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery, and oversees the Involuntary Treatment program for DSHS. Mr. Reed is the individual who was appointed to investigate complaints of civil rights violations in Involuntary Commitment proceedings in 2008, by then-Governor, Christine Gregoire.  When I called Mr. Reed on the morning of July 8, 2011 to ask if he was aware of any complaints being filed that an individual's rights had been violated in  civil commitment proceedings, I already knew the answer to the question I was asking.  I was asking the question to see whether Mr. Reed would give a truthful answer. Mr. Reed has a poor memory, or he purposely lied to me in giving an answer. If one were to assume that Mr. Reed's memory failed one could further assume he forgot sending the following letters to the advocacy group, Crossroads for Change Campaign, and that he forgot being appointed by the governor to investigate the complaints of civil rights violations...

In a letter dated September 10, 2008, Mr. Reed responded to complaints that multiple individuals civil rights were violated; stating in part, “The documentation you have presented to the Mental Health Division is more than five years old and concerns a single RSN.  The practices you have identified were subsequently rectified and represented a small portion of the detentions in the state.  I have sent you a copy of DMHP Protocols in Appendix I § 6 is a list of Washington State Case Law.  By utilizing the website:  you can review the listed legal decision of Washington State Courts that have previously affirmed the constitutionality of RCW 71.05’s due process provisions.  Other concerns you have addressed are addressed by statute and are monitored by MHD licensure staff.”  here

The law as written was affirmed to be Constitutional, only because the due process provisions the State of Washington and the U.S. constitutions require to be preserved and defended in civil commitment proceedings, are defined within the text of the Involuntary Commitment Statute. Obviously, if the law is not followed by the designated mental health professionals given the authority to implement the law, who detain individuals Under Color of Law, and the mental health professionals who subsequently petition the Court to civilly commit individuals Under Color of Law, an individual's rights will be violated.

In a letter dated January 7, 2009 Mr. Reed writes, "I have discussed your concerns with Mental Health Division management.  After review of the additional information you provided at our last meeting regarding an involuntary hospitalization from 2005, the Mental Health Division is unable to endorse your request for action and investigation.  The concerns you have presented are of concern and will be forwarded to our Licensure staff which is tasked with correcting WAC and RCW violations for detained consumers on the part of RSNs, Evaluation and Treatment Facilities and DMHPs.   I look forward to meeting with you again to continue our discussion the ITA process as it is currently implemented in Washington.” here

SPOKANE QUALITY REVIEW TEAM Investigation and Survey Results Regarding the Legal Representation by The Spokane Public Defender's Office for the Involuntary Treatment Act process

My son, who is now 25 years old, has been victimized by unethical mental health professionals who commenced illegal civil commitment proceedings against him twice as an adult in Washington State. Neither time were his civil rights preserved or defended.  

In 2010, my son was detained based entirely on perjured testimony and a fraudulent affidavit forged by Nancy Sherman, the Designated Mental Health Professional.  The same false tainted "evidence" was used by Jeffrey Jennings; a psychiatrist who relied upon Sherman's falsehoods because he had no "first-hand" information to offer in support of his petition for a Court Order for Involuntary Treatment since Jennings refused to speak to anyone who actually had first-hand information. 

The third hearing at which a Superior Court judge granted a six month out patient involuntary treatment order, lasted all of one minute and 26 seconds--my son was not at this or the two prior hearings; indeed, my son was not even aware that any legal proceedings had taken place. My son wasn't aware that the woman who had him sign papers and who informed the court he understood and waived his Constitutional right  to a jury trial, and that he agreed to follow Jeffrey Jennings' prescribed treatment recommendations was an attorney; much less, that the woman was his own Court Appointed attorney...  

The felony crimes of fraud and perjury were committed by mental health professionals in Yakima County Superior Court; a fraudulent affidavit and perjury were proffered as "evidence" used to detain and involuntarily treat my son. There was no criminal investigation of the crimes reported on my son's behalf, nor was there an investigation of the illegal shredding of Court records that was also reported. The CEO of Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health, a current NAMI Washington Board member, Rick Weaver, claimed there is nothing wrong with shredding original Yakima County Superior Court records for Involuntary Commitment hearings, telling me,  "we do it all the time."  How is it that the illegal shredding of original Superior Court documents used to detain and Court Order people targeted for Involuntary Treatment allegedly because they are incapable of making treatment decisions, is not referred to Law Enforcement for criminal investigation?

the second time my son was committed in 2011, the attorney appointed by the court to represent my son had an obvious conflict of interest., the attorney also did legal work for the psychiatric facility that sought the Benton County Superior Court's order to treat him involuntarily! The attorney's obvious conflict of interest was never disclosed to my son, or to any of the three people who are designated representatives authorized to protect his interests when he is unable to do so himself. All three of us were present and conferred with the attorney and the psychiatrist.  I discovered that my son's attorney also does legal work for the facility when I conducted an internet search seeking the attorney's contact information. The attorney had failed to provide any of his contact information to my son. no phone number, no e-mail address; no way to contact him at all... 

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