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Aug 6, 2013

My informed consent wasn't necessary

When I wrote about Jeffrey Lieberman in Caught Being Offensive...I focused on Lieberman's ridiculous assertion that critics of the DSM and the American Psychiatric Association are "prejudiced against psychiatrists, and psychiatry." Lieberman implied that any criticisms specific to psychiatric treatments used at an ephemeral point in the past; a point in time that is never clarified by Lieberman. Perhaps it is because Lieberman characterized mental health professionals and psychiatric survivors who are critical of the DSM and the American Psychiatric Association as being "anti-psychiatry" in a Scientific American blog post titled, DSM-5: Caught between Mental Illness Stigma and Anti-Psychiatry Prejudice

Unlike Dr. Judy Stone's articulate response to Lieberman's strange diatribe castigating critics of psychiatry, my response is that of a betrayed parent who now takes care of a 25 year-old son who was iatrogenically disabled as an adolescent in a research facility by neuroleptic drugs prescribed off label without Informed Consent by a federally funded psychiatric researcher, Jon McClellan. McClellan, acting as an agent of Washington State, repeatedly told me my informed consent wasn't necessary. He claimed I had no say in my son's psychiatric treatment. This unethical psychiatric researcher actually claimed telling me anything about how he was "medically treating" my son by repeatedly traumatizing and torturing him was only done as a "courtesy" to me.

My vehement protests were used to malign me as a parent. The psychiatrist who disabled my son recorded in my son's medical record that I am an "unreliable" source of information about his psychiatric history, symptoms and problems. Every other professional up to that point had noted that I have a great deal of insight and understanding of my son's issues. My complaints of unethical and illegal behavior include an estimated $1 million being defrauded from the federal child welfare and Medicaid programs, and Civil Rights violations intentionally perpetrated by agents of the state acting Under Color of Law using perjured testimony and fraud for "evidence." 

Human Experimentation without fully informed consent is a violation of the Nuremberg Code. Grievous harm was inflicted upon my son by unethical mental health and child welfare "professionals" acting Under Color of Law.  These public servants violated both my son's and my Civil Rights repeatedly with impunity, they broke State, Federal, and International Laws as agents of the state. None of these crimes have been investigated by Law Enforcement...

My son was repeatedly traumatized; in reality, tortured, abused and used as a human guinea pig by a federally-funded research psychiatrist and co-investigator in the TEOSS drug trials, namely, Jon McClellan who is the Medical Director of Child Study and Treatment Center in Lakewood, Washington and a professor of psychiatry at the University of Washington.  

For over twenty years, employees of the State of Washington and it's contracted providers have consistently abdicated their legally mandated responsibilities and have failed to ethically perform duties owed to my son, Isaac. The initial failures when my son was a pre-schooler, were criminally negligent. Instead of acting in defense of my 3-year-old son when he was victimized by a Washington State licensed foster parent, public employees who were mandated reporters working in Washington State's federally-funded child welfare program violated the ethical guidelines of their chosen profession and violated State law to cover up the felony assault of my 3 year old son by a foster parent who is suspected of killing four infants. 

I have good damned reason to be angry---I have been proceeded against in child welfare custody hearings by public employees who proffered perjured testimony and fraud as 'evidence;' to  'legally' strip me of my parental rights and prevent me from acting on my son's behalf.  I bore witness to my son being repeatedly assaulted, traumatically abused, medically neglected and ultimately disabled by mental health "professionals" who were aided and abetted by child welfare workers who violated federal law and claimed that it was necessary that my son to be made a ward of the state for his medical treatment to be reimbursed by the Federal Medicaid program---I later discovered since my son was already on Medicaid and his eligibility was never at risk, it was against Federal Law to require me to give up custody.

I believe this lie was offered in order to coerce my cooperation to sign an "Agreed Order to Place" to make my son a ward of the state, which would enable Washington State to commit fraud by illegally claiming child welfare funds for my son from the Federal Child Welfare program. 

I was misled by the state's publicly funded mental health program employees as well who falsely claimed Child Study and Treatment Center, CSTC, is a hospital; it is licensed as a psychiatric research facility for children and adolescents---it is not a hospital. Once at CSTC, the medical director, research psychiatrist, Jon McClellan, violated the ethical guidelines for Informed Consent of the medical profession while breaking multiple State, Federal and International laws governing the treatment of human beings, and the protection of children who are wards of the State of Washington.  

In the last three years, 3 different psychiatrists have lied to us; the last two actually had the audacity to immediately demand my "respect" after denying the drugs prescribed to my son do in fact cause brain damage. The third psychiatrist told me 3 times that the drugs do not cause brain damage, he then demanded my respect...


Unknown said...

Thank you, Becky, for continuing to shine a light into some ugly dark places and practices. Please continue to speak up for those who have been denied a voice.
Best regards,

Unknown said...

I love that you understand WHY I blog.
All the best to you and your family,


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