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Oct 6, 2014

The Protocol...for what exactly?

I have recently spent some time in an institutional environment that I have heretofor spent very little time in. What I experienced being held in solitary confinement at Yakima County Jail caused my patriotic heart to fear for the future of my Country creating a need to defend the liberty of my countrymen and myself.

I was actually "informed" one night by a wet behind the ears pipsqueak, "You don't have any rights except the right to remain silent; so shut the fuck up!" This was said immediately before he scared me so bad I lost control of my bowels and bladder.  Trust me, this is something to avoid if possible.  What really pisses me the fuck off is this punk actually claimed to have served as a Staff Sargeant in the U.S. Marine Corps---Where does he get off telling me I have no rights when I am in a fucking cage awaiting trial? i.e. I am an American and theoretically, innocent until proven guilty. The same genius apparently believes that when he thinks a prisoner in his care and custody is "mentally ill" his uniform gives him license to belittle and denigrate the individual---particularly when the person is held in solitary confinement. So some kid named Paz called me names like a grade school bully. I wonder if it was allowed by the Protocol?  The Protocol being used is the one used by the Nazis with such success. Jail guards are "Officers of the Law" under Homeland Security...NOT GOOD at all for American Patriots. 

I have a much deeper understanding for how my son Isaac almost died in the care and custody of Yakima County DOC. There's no comfort in being right or in being held in solitary confinement by YCDOC.

Maybe this is why I've always felt like a stranger in a strange land...

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