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Nov 13, 2015

Where I am

I have been homeless since March of last year. I am in Seattle, the State of Washington's largest city. This morning after a night in the cold rain, I went to a day center for the homeless and I found a proclamation issued by Seattle's mayor, Edward B. Murray on the bulletin board.  Since coming to Seattle I have sustained two major injuries each of which required 8 weeks to recover from, these injuries are in addition to several minor injuries; all are from assaults. I was also seriously ill for over a month due to being outside without adequate shelter.

Yesterday, I was expelled from a room in a rooming house without Due Process of Law by a Detective Easterly, who works for the King County Sheriff's Department. I was expelled by property owner, Peter Doorish, who up until throwing me out, generously allowed me to stay for free in his house for almost 2 months. Strangely, Doorish repeatedly refused payment for rent from both myself and my partner, who has been homeless for 7 years...The brief respite from the streets was traumatic in that I was repeatedly victimized directly and indirectly by Doorish; who appears to have no interest in conducting his business legally. While a guest in Doorishi's house, my valuable bicycle, (my transportation) was stolen. Due to the monetary value of the bike, which had been built by my partner it's theft is a felony crime. Doorish (again) acknowledged while illegally kicking me and others out yesterday that he is in fact legally liable for the the loss of my bike, stating, that it would, "Be an honor" to make restitution for my loss. I'm not holding my breath...

Proclamation of Emergency:
page 5 section 5 Determination of Emergency
"I have determined that upon these circumstances there exists a direct and credible threat to the members of the public experiencing homelessness...and to take extraordinary measures to prevent harm to such persons..." The Proclamation

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