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Dec 22, 2010

Following Even One Moral Code Would Be Good For The APA

A Note from Facebook got me on a rant and I don't even know if this was general call to be a kind, and respectful because it is the right thing to do; or a message from the universe that I need to tone down?! It has nothing to do with the note or the sender, I assure you.

I love the sentiment and the idealism, but where have you been?
"the voting public risks becoming the puppets of those who own our mass media. Democracy risks becoming a cruel joke played upon the powerless at the hands of the powerful." It has already happened.

So far, I've learned I don't like it. There is corruption in every system that is involved in any way shape or form of biological, "medical model" of mental health treatment. Laws have been passed that do not protect the human rights of those they are obtained against. Rampant fraud has been occurring for years in the medical profession. It is only the pharmaceutical companies that are getting the giant fines these days, but more than a few doctors wrote those prescriptions....with no accountability for their ethical and legal violations. For the most part, both print and television journalism has been parroting the press releases--and running the direct to consumer advertising, making a living at the cost of journalism ethics. So the reality is--the media machine is oiled, tuned, and plowing across the country. Spreading it's pharmaceutically funded grass roots agenda like manure on the social landscape of America and the World.

The only thing I want to learn from the perpetrators of this fraud is what made them realize that violating their fellow man in this manner was wrong? And, what are they doing to make it right now? Otherwise, while I may be able to learn wonderful things from them, but they are dangerous to defenseless people like my son. (Danger, Will Robinson, danger!)

Reasons to stop hurting and start helping:

The Nuremberg Code, The Constitution, The Ethics Guidelines of the Medical Profession for Informed Consent, and Client and Family Driven care have been policy and Law longer than my son, who has been victimized by psychiatric assault; and is disabled, has been alive. Until these "professionals" can adhere to these moral codes of conduct, they are not medical, and they sure aren't "professionals." I tell ya, it's making me mental though! LMAO!

Merry Freakin' Ho Ho!

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Duane Sherry said...


The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has 38,000 members.


Of those 38,000, how many members have come clean about the dangers from the long-term use of psychiatric drugs?

Of those 38,000, how many members have been advocates - real advocates for children and youth?

Of those 38,000, how many have pushed for non-drug treatment with safer, more effective options?

How many have stood up to the system?
Done the right thing, no matter how difficult?

A few.
Only a few.
Thankfully, a few.

The APA is what it is.
IMO, it is largely (almost exclusively) comprised of people without any conscience.

Monsters in lab coats.

Duane Sherry


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