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Mar 16, 2012

mental illness is like any other illness? not in my family's American experience

I have wondered for years, why are reports and data from research paid for with Government Grants, is not readily accessible to the American people,  Is it because it is more difficult to defraud people when you put the actual information in front of them; not just the biased press releases and public service announcements developed by marketing departments?  Journalists, at one time used to independently verify information before "going with the story;" reporting the news.  There are studies conducted paid for by NIMH, and not published in this country.  How often is this happening?  It is not unusual, I have found.  In effect, the American people pay for research, and do not have ready access to the results.

Most of the research that is published here in the US is published in 'peer-reviewed' professional journals that restrict access.  Yet, we are expected to accept that the research was done correctly and ethically, our acceptance is to be based solely on a report, not the data itself. (reports can be biased and offered by someone with a Conflict of Interest)   Propaganda passes for news and press releases from marketing departments for 'news in the public interest.'  Major media news outlets use these press releases as 'news.' News can be reported along with a heavy dose of direct-to-consumer advertising for a product that is in the news. Biased reporting of medical studies being presented alongside copious direct to consumer marketing results in a seriously misinformed populace. Seems to me, it would increase the risk for harm.

It is a free country and any one who chooses to take the willfully blind and/or ignorant route is free to do so.  I am not one of them, and I am so totally outraged by how my family has been treated by people who are public servants and public employees, theoretically, working for us, but acting against us illegally at times, actually committing Federal Crimes, violating our civil rights.  Some public servants have committed perjury in Courts of Law, and retired with pensions.  These crimes were reported; and covered up,instead of being investigated or prosecuted.   I have been slandered and maligned by some of these people; so has my son.  In vain, I have desperately sought Justice for my youngest son; fought for my Constitutional Rights as a parent, and for my son's Human Rights as a trauma victim since 1993.  I have been treated with disrespect by public servants who have abused their authority and power people who have committed the felony crimes of perjury, forgery, Medicaid fraud. The worst of all, were those who medically neglected, tortured and physically abused my traumatized son, with impunity.  These events traumatized all of us--and disabled my brilliant son.

Jon McClellan, psychiatrist, "Quack Master Jack,"  i.e. the thug in a white coat who drugged my kid into a state of disability without Consent (Informed or otherwise).  He repeatedly told me I had NO SAY.  Quack Master Jack gets 1.8 million dollars bi-annually from the State of Washington.  I asked my State Senator and both State Representatives, to help me.  I have been given the silent treatment.  Good ol' boys, that I actually voted for.  I asked them to look into this knowing it is germane, I know that my concerns are valid.  The State of Washington's foster children, kids in treatment, in group homes and correctional facilities are not protected from the risks of the kind of iatrogenic harm that disabled my son.

Is it not a priority to protect children who are in the State's custody?

One of them the two representatives actually asked what I wanted him to do?!  I suggested he represent his constituents, namely my son, and myself.  I then suggested perhaps maybe the kids in state custody, even though they don't vote yet; are in need of his representation.  There are 47 children in Child Study and Treatment Center, consistently, at least 50 %, if not more are in fact Wards of the Court. Kids who do not have families involved to offer support, or Informed Consent.

My son spent more than 5 out of 10 years of his childhood in this facility.    He was "traumatized over and over and over;" it was none too easy on his brother and myself, I assure you.  He asked me in agony, "how could they take so much from me mom?"  I have no answer.  I know I will remember the sound of my child's terror-filled pleas echo in my memory for the rest of my life.  I know I tried to stop that prick.  I know I can not do anything to change what happened.  I know I have a duty to do whatever is in my power to stop it from happening to anybody else.

Kids who don't yet know that they have Constitutional Rights and that if these Rights are not defended, there is no equal protection under the law.  I bet a lot of those kids know they are not "protected."  I can't forget.

In Washington State, adolescents at the age of thirteen have the legal right to give consent for mental health services and substance abuse treatment.  Parental permission or consent is not required.  This law was passed to enable kids who have a desire to get help, who do not have their parent's support to get the help they need.  This law is in fact being used to exclude parents---in effect, denying parental rights to make medical decisions,  for their children.  This is happening in families who are not involved in "the system."   Reading the law it is clear to me that while it gives minors the right to consent to treatment--it does not diminish, or imply that a parent's Constitutional Rights are as a result diminished.

What is happening in real life is professionals are telling kids, "your parents do not need to be involved at all--we don't need them here.  You are old enough to make these choices for yourself."  In reality, an intelligent mature adult would have difficulty; since in order to provide Informed Consent, one needs to be given accurate unbiased information, and make a decision without being coerced.  Unless it is an emergency, a person is to have an opportunity to consult with others before receiving the prescribed "treatment" (drug or drugs)  Much of what is known about the drugs used for emotional and behavioral symptoms is based on a tainted and biased evidence base.  Rampant fraud and corruption in the FDA approval process and in the marketing of psychiatric drugs, puts everyone at risk.  It is obvious this law places children at risk. How many thirteen to eighteen year olds would know what kind of questions to ask about possible risks, potential benefits, and ask if there is anything besides drugs to help them? (that won't possibly cause dangerous negative effects, possibly disable them and/or cause their untimely death?) 

In the FDA AERs database, #574579 is Rebecca Riley, there is another 4 year old's death listed in 2007 from Seroquel--no gender is  listed and that is more that a little sad. A child who is reduced to a nameless, faceless statistic...I wonder did anyone cry over that child's death besides me?

How many kids (or parents) are actually told of the risk of fatality or heart damage from the drugs used to "treat" ADHD?  Are they told the drugs are in fact addictive, and that some have the same effect on the brain as illicit drugs?  Antipsychotics are being used for behavior control, for "bipolar" the most recent diagnosis de jour.  They are addictive, potentially disabling, and/or fatal; used as directed---even when the drugs appear to be 'helping' and are perceived as beneficial by the person taking them, used long term can cause serious iatrogenic diseases and brain damage.  I know this NOT because any psychiatrist or other mental health professional ever told me, but, because I made it my business to start researching when Quack Master Jack's behavior caused me to mistrust him.

Deceptive practices allow psychiatry and pharma to continue to do a smoke and mirrors snake oil medicine show with our psyches, our tax dollars, our Police, our Courts, AND our fundamental freedoms; our Human Rights.  Fraud, corruption and Human Rights crimes committed against individuals who are given a diagnosis. When diagnoses are adjudicated in Courts of Law, court procedures do not adhere to the same standards appplicable in any other court proceeding.  Civil Commitment laws virtually eviscerate the Rules of Evidence standard. The reason this is done is because diagnostic criteria and treatment standards rely on subjective opinions and are Standardized for clinical use by a quasi-democratic process. It is impossible to submit evidence in compliance with the Rules of Evidence that any psychiatric diagnosis is caused by a disease---such an attestation could not be supported with scientific evidence in compliance with the Rules of Evidence.

The treatment can be disabling or all.
NAMI says 'mental illness is like any other illness' 

A teacher in grade-school taught me about the Constitution of the United States of America. This document is gospel.  It is The American Gospel; it is why people seek refuge, and their own American dream here more than two hundred years after The Constitution was written.  I wonder... when I am once again struck by the injustice, the utter disregard for the law, and the manner in which our individual rights were neither preserved, nor defended; I (still) wonder, if I am naive?

I do not believe so.  I am grievously disappointed in my fellow man, and in My Country.  My sons and I are not victims; we are survivors.  The Constitution of the United States of America is Our American Gospel.  We know there just aren't enough people who understand exactly what is at stake.  We have elected representatives, and paid public servants who swear solemn oaths, yet fail to fufill their sworn duties.

It is a failure that has altered the course of my family's American experience.

"Whenever a doctor cannot do good, he must be kept from doing harm." 

“Justice without force is powerless; force without justice is tyrannical.”  

Blaise Pascal

"Watch out for people who begin with another's concern to end with their own." 
Balthasar Gracian

"God grant me the courage not to give up what I think is right 
even though I think it is hopeless."
Chester W. Nimitz

The bible verse associated with my name

My Dad's Army Air Corps Unit's Motto
"Sustineo Alas" translation: "I sustain the wings"  

portions of this were first posted February 2011


D Bunker said...

Ok. I've read 1 post, just this 1, and your blog has my stamp of approval.

You've cited the lack of equal protection. So have I. The mental health industry is also lacking in Anything even Resembling Due Process.

I'm terribly sorry that you, your son & your family & friends have had Any experience of this utterly lawless Fraud called mental health.

Duane Sherry, M.S. said...


If there is one area of your writing that I appreciate the most, it's your posts on the Constitution, and how it is being circumvented by psychiatry.

Not only do you have D. Bunker's "stamp of approval", you have mine, and many others who love the Constitution, and have grown tired of seeing it ignored!

My best,

Duane Sherry

yobluemama said...


That's better than the Good Housekeeping seal of approval! Thank you both!

There is right and wrong---ignorance is one thing--and willful disregard of The Constitution of the United States is what has lead to the rampant corruption, and fraud caused by this lack of moral integrity.



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