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Mar 17, 2011

WHY is Elizabeth Ellis Still Being Tortured?

Is Something Not Quite Right With Stan has done a great job of laying out the facts and backgroud of Elizbeth's story.  Court Sanctioned Torture is happening right here in the USA.  Take Action to stop this!
American Court approves of torture& human rights abuse against it's citizens


Natalie said...

Thanks much for the update - I was just about to check back in at MindFreedom on this front. This is beyond disturbing, and the scary thing is, most Americans are clueless that it still goes on, as evidenced by the commentary on my own post about Elizabeth's story:

(Really glad to have recently found your blog in my search for others challenging the current paradigm around "mental illness"...after reading a couple entries, it dawned on me that I've been a fan of your commentary on Huffington Post for a while now.)

Unknown said...


glad you found my blog--and glad I found yours as well!

Love your attitude!



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