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Aug 10, 2011

Something Is And Has Been Very Rotten in Washington State...updated

"That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important lesson of all the lessons that history has to teach."  Aldous Huxley

Dr. Jennings perjured himself when he filed his petition requesting an order for Involuntary Treatment with Yakima County Superior Court, against my son, Isaac.  He was obligated by Law to use first hand information, in his affidavit attesting to the necessity for the Court Order.  His statement was not only untrue; but was a false statement first used by Nancy Sherman, the Designated Mental Health Professional who used it to obtain an emergent order to detain my son.  Ms. Sherman also committed forgery and further attested under penalty of perjury to having attached her forged document to her perjured petition. The forged document was never submitted to the Yakima County Clerk, but was distributed to my son's Assigned Counsel and the Deputy Prosecutor.  

My son was unethically DRUGGED without informed consent by Jeffery Jennings. This unethical psychiatrist put my son back on a benzo, a drug  meant for short term use; that Isaac was no longer was taking--due to cardiac risk.  Jennings had Isaac's chart which states this fact.  This idiot put my son back on the drug at TWICE the dose he had been previously taking; before a very slow taper and painful withdrawal process when it was discontinued.  This psychiatrist "treated" my son and never spoke to anyone who knew anything about the crisis which led to his first hospitalization in over five years---he spoke to no one who had any direct knowledge about my son; not even his current mental health treatment providers.  

My son is compromised in his ability to defend or advocate for himself.  The Department determined there was no need to launch a criminal investigation...In effect, by failing to to investigate, the Department determined that it is acceptable for my son to be "treated" without regard or respect, without the protections afforded individuals by the U.S. Constitution, without the protection of his mother, or his brother, and without the protection the State, which has a duty to provide as a vulnerable adult.  

This pseudo-"doctor,"  would not return my calls, even though I am my son's State paid care provider, as well as his mother whom he lives with! Jennings in fact spoke to no one who knows Isaac; when he was Isaac's "attending" psychiatrist.  Jennings failed to return numerous messages I left for him as well.  

The community mental health agency that Nancy Sherman and Jeffery Jennings work for, Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Heath, shredded all original Superior Court documents in violation of the Law.  The CEO, Rick Weaver, told me there was nothing wrong with them doing so, stating they do it all the time.  Every DSHS Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery, employee or contracted provider who is aware of this, failed to report to Law Enforcement the felony crimes committed against my son, last summer.  Failure to report is a gross misdemeanor crime in the State of Washington.  Jeffery Jennings did not follow the Ethics Guidelines of the medical profession, or use sound medical judgement, in treating Isaac.  The  man actually put in Isaac's chart he appeared to be developmentally delayed; so he was cognizant of my son's apparent diminished functional capacity; yet thought nothing of putting him at further risk by raising the dose of Clozapine by 250mg overnight, (even though 100 mg a day is the recommended maximum; no more frequently than twice a week due to the risks to the patient) while simultaneously putting my son back on a drug he had been taken off of due to cardiac risk.  

The Yakima County Deputy Prosecutor knew by the time of the hearings took place on August 6th, that he was presenting perjured  testimony--I had spoken to him 3 times between the hearings which took place on August 2nd and August 6th.  Isaac's brother, Nathan and myself had both spoken to Isaac's attorney.  Isaac's attorney refused to accept the release signed by Isaac granting permission for us to confer with her; and to see the Superior Court documents in her possession.  The attorney assigned to represent my son failed to ask a single question; failed to  mount any defense at all for her client---I am so outraged---by the utter lack of morality, ethics, justice and human decency of these events---and it is a full year later...  

Apparently, having a diagnosis of schizophrenia means my son has no Individual Rights under the United States Constitution, or the Washington State Constitution, period.  I've suspected this for years; but I now have absolutely no doubt.  I just didn't realize how far some would go to chemically lobotomize my precious son.  Committing and attempting to cover up crimes committed to do that very thing; is apparently how "mental health treatment" is provided.

A Yakima County Superior Court Judge signed this illegal order--The order was illegal because it was sought and obtained using false statements that have no factual basis. There has been no investigation of these crimes; although I have filed a written complaint with the "appropriate" authorities.   Apparently, in Washington State, the law isn't considered broken if the crimes are committed by Washington State employees, or contracted Mental Health providers who are paid by the State or reimbursed with Medicaid funds.  The victim, my son, has virtually no ability to defend himself due to iatrogenic injuries---caused by another State employee, Jon McClellan, Quack Master Jack, Medical Director of Child Study and Treatment Center.  

My son had an IQ of 146 and was not developmentally delayed.  His cognitive impairment is the result of being given massive amounts of numerous psychiatric drugs, drugs not approved for pediatric use.  My son was enrolled in Drug Trials at the State of Washington's only psychiatric facility for children, without Informed Consent, by Jon McClellan, Medical Director.  Dr. jackass was one of the investigators for the NIMH funded TEOSS neuroleptic Drug Trials.  This criminal is Medical Director of Child Study and Treatment Center to this day; and a Professor at University of Washington.  He should be in a Federal Penitentiary, not in a position of authority who can continue to harm vulnerable children.  Jon McClellan told me I had no say in what he was doing to my boy; despite the fact that the Law of the State of Washington, the US Constitution, AND Medicaid Guidelines all affirmed my rights as a parent to act on my son's behalf---he was a kid!  

This horrifying time in Isaac's life occurred after being repeatedly denied the recommended treatment by the Community Mental Health treatment provider in violation of the contract it has with Yakima County and obligated to provide as a participant in the Medicaid program.  It is the same agency that employs Nancy Sherman and Jeffrey Jennings, and has the contract to have a Designated Mental Health professionals available twenty-four hours seven days a week and crisis response services for all of Yakima County.  

The treatment recommended by three psychiatrists for his condition, severe PTSD, the result of being victimized by a State of Washington foster parent, was never even attempted by the local mental health clinic.  It is obvious to me who is protected every single time the State of Washington is libel; due to failing in it's duty to Wards of the State---and it sure as hell has not ever, not even once, been my precious son!  

The State of Washington protected itself and knowingly allowed crimes to go unreported by employees who had a legal obligation to report crimes committed against my son.  In fact, State employees have taken steps to  cover up crimes; and in doing so, have allowed perpetrators, including those who committed further crimes by failing to report as mandated by Law, to keep their jobs.  Some of those who committed crimes when he was a child have since retired with State pensions for God's sake!  My son was not protected last summer as a young man, and he was not given the help he needed to recover from being a three year old victim of extreme abuse, while in foster care.   

The reason cited by Jeffery Jennings for the necessity of the Involuntary Treatment Court Order?  TO MAINTAIN THE INTEGRITY OF THE MEDICAL PROFESSION!  It is obvious to me he has no integrity; he does not appear to know what INTEGRITY is...

It is equally obvious that amoral behavior, lack of empathy, and a seeming inability to discern right from wrong when exhibited by mental health "professionals" is apparently "acceptable."  The legal term for this type of conduct is pathological criminal behavior.  When did this type of behavior become acceptable for employees within the Mental Health and Social Service Systems?

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crosby said...


I don't have the concentration power to have read every word, but I know first hand about rotten things in WA regarding vulnerable adults.

I am one. I have been harmed by bullies in my community and also harmed by helping professionals.

I have found the local helping agencies to be more interested in becoming informed about clients from gossip and slander than from facts.

I get told to move, but these people telling me this aren't going to be available to help me find a safer place or to help me pack, or to help me find the funds to more, or to help me unpack, or to help me be sure the new community is safe once I get there.

I get treated by many people as if I'm just sour grapes about something and/or unwilling to advocate for myself, but

when you have a high IQ in this state it seems you are a target for hatred. when you are not originally born in this state it seems you are a target for hatred. when you stand up for your rights in this state it seems you are a target for hatred.

when you speak of not liking these facts, you get told to move.

in my opinion, these social facts aren't something that has to define this state. this state could have equal social beauty to it's natural beauty if it would only take an interest.

i attended one of our local nami meetings only to be treated with hostility for having talked too long about my own situation. (this after I explained that I was hesitent to share because of my communication impairment and encouraged it was a safe place to share)

it seems I am giving your first comment. do you know if we are the only two speaking out about what is rotten in WA?

I've been speaking out a few years now, including trying to explain to legislature that the vulnerable adult definition is inadequate. Basing vulnerable adult status solely on services received from DSHS is wide open for corrupt social workers to strip a person of their benefits in order to keep them vulnerable and without access to protection.



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