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“Most psychiatric drugs can cause withdrawal reactions, sometimes including life-threatening emotional and physical withdrawal problems… Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should be done carefully under experienced clinical supervision.” Dr. Peter Breggin

Dec 20, 2012

Clinically Tested or NOT: Using Risperdal for children's behavioral issues is NOT yobluemama approved!

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NOT yobluemama approved!

My youngest son has paid a horrific price for the malfeasance of psychiatry, the FDA and the drug industry.  I would think no consumer's health should be risked because the prescriber's information and judgement is compromised by flawed, incomplete, or otherwise questionable data. Prescription drugs are marketed directly to the American public in advertisements with exaggerated claims of efficacy and safety, that minimize actual risks---No consumer protection laws prohibiting false advertising apply...

Altogether, psychiatry has failed to be honest about what is and what is not known about any and all psychiatric diagnoses and treatments!  The practice of psychiatry is permeated with deception, a lack of medical ethics, and a history of  using 'Standard Practices' that are not supported by clinical research.  Psychiatry uses social control strategies which are coercive and abusive.  The physical and emotional harm patients complain of is attributed to the patient's "lack of insight," or failure to be "treatment compliant."  Even worse, some practitioners deny the harm patient's experience altogether; or insist the harm is just the "tolerable" side effects of the "safe and effective" treatment they provide.  Using the Courts to force patients to take drugs or have "electro-convulsive therapy" because these are  the "only treatments" psychiatry has; it is the only treatments that the bio-psychiatry devotees use, but it is not the only treatments available.  It is morally reprehensible to state this as a justification for forcing people to have this "treatment."  Psychiatry has garnered the Force of Law using corrupt rearch, unethical medical practices and subterfuge.  A person targeted in this way has no rights at all once Court Ordered; my son was stripped of his Individual Rights to procedural due process just by having a Court Order sought.

via Jim Edwards on BNET on August 3, 2011:
"The FDA told Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) in 1997 that its(sic) request to market the antipsychotic drug Risperdal for children was “without any justification.” In the following years, J&J’s army of pharmaceutical sales reps made 100,000 sales calls on child and adolescent psychiatrists, justifying this by “qualifying” the docs if they had as few as one adult patient exhibiting signs of schizophrenia,"  

read the entire article:
Claim: J&J Wrongly Marketed Antipsychotic Drug Risperdal to Kids  on BNET by Jim Edwards

I am certain they started this crap before 1997 since my son was prescribed Risperdal in 1995---for a reason that is not an approved use for this neuroleptic to this day...I refer to the drugs called "antipsychotics" as neuroleptics; it is a more accurate term for the drugs.  It is misleading and deceptive to call them "antipsychotic," since the drugs are not "antipsychotic" for the majority of patients who experience symptoms of psychosis. The neuroleptic drugs are now more commonly prescribed for other psychiatric diagnoses and for symptoms other than psychosis. 

Neuro meaning nerve, or neurological and leptic meaning to seize, take hold of.  The drugs work on the central nervous system, and were first described as being as effective as a frontal lobotomy; no need for surgery.  How did neuroleptics become "treatment" for children with behavior problems?!  

Civil Rights violations are committed as a matter of course in stand practice which is not surprising given psychiatry's lawless conduct historically, acceptance of this fact permeates Academia, both in Educational and Research programs.  It is morally reprehensible that psychiatry's 'Standard Practices' were developed using fraud, deception, the Un-Informed Consent from patients, and coercion.  Why are patients and family members misled, and out right lied to about the 'safety and efficacy' of drugs, and why are people being given drugs that do not benefit them to the degree that the benefits actually outweigh the very serious adverse effects?   Why is  virtually every person who legitimately claims substantial harm due to psychiatric 'treatment' disparaged, mocked or ridiculed---if not ignored altogether?  

Why is psychiatry not demanding that adverse events caused by psychiatric drugs, including death, be reported to the FDA so they have a clearer picture how safe and/or effective the drugs really are?  

We know how many Americans are prescribed psychiatric drugs---we need to know how many are being harmed.  It seems to me that collecting this data is necessary to determine the validity of the safety and efficacy claims.  It is the real world outcomes that we need data on.  In the real world the damage caused by psychopharmachology is growing exponentially with a myriad of chronic iatrogenic illnesses, neurological impairments and social, moral, financial devastation. The iatrogenic harm experienced by psychiatric patients and their families must not be ignored any longer.  IMHO, the fiscal and social damage is contributing to the increase in discriminatory attitudes towards those who are labeled by psychiatric diagnosis and their families. Americans are bombarded with direct to consumer advertising  grass roots advocates allow education and advocacy programs to function as venues for pharmaceutical marketing campaigns.  Psychopharmacologists in effect, act as if the people they label are no longer worthy of having their Human Rights protected or defended.  The labeled are denied Equal Protection Under the Law---by 'doctors.'  

Psychiatry, as a profession does not hold it's practitioners accountable.  Discredited Harvard research psychiatrist, Joseph Biederman, is on the Scientific Advisory Board of a Consumer Advocacy group, CABF---or whatever they call themselves now.... The man is a crook who now 'advises' a nonprofit "consumer advocacy" group about the very condition he invented, and treatments he falsified research about which he then lied about it when he was caught!?!   

The so-called 'doctor' who insisted he had no duty to obtain Informed Consent for drugging my minor son, because in Washington State the Age of Consent for mental health and substance abuse treatment is thirteen; is still the 'Medical Director' of the only state-run psychiatric facility for children. My son could not have a conversation longer than two minutes, so there is NO WAY in HELL he had the capacity to give Informed Consent; and every staff member at that facility knew it.  This shining example of ego-driven psychiatry acted as if he were God; and needed no Informed Consent; his own approval for his 'treatment' plan which traumatized and disabled my son are all that Quack Master Jack required.  Apparently his intellectual superiority, allow him to abuse his authority and ignore medical ethics altogether.  Jon McClellan appears to not have a moral compass, professional integrity or sound clinical judgement. 

I almost vomited when I read in his CV he has received Awards for 'helping kids' recover and that he gives speeches on Ethics to non-profit groups.  The man is a thug in a white coat who broke the law, broke my son's spirit and Isaac says, "He stole my intelligence mom!"  This 'doctor' lied to my face so many times it makes me sick.  A doctor who uses his medical license as a symbol of infallible superior judgement while lying to patients and parents; and ignoring the Ethics Guidelines of the Medical Profession and the Hippocratic Oath, is not qualified to teach Ethics!  These two 'doctors' are not ethically qualified to be members of the Medical profession; let alone qualified to conduct reasearch and teach students, or advise patients, parents, and advocates or inform public policy!   

If you heard about a mechanic who had fixed a friend's car so well it that the car no longer could run; would you take your car to that mechanic?  Would you ask for advice from that mechanic?  Jon McClellan advises the State of Washington to this day; he is a criminal more than he is a "doctor."  

Massive financial fraud, corruption and the Civil Rights violations of those who are court ordered and forced to take drugs and/or receive electroshock  'treatment' both of which can disable or kill them; is not just,  is not Humane, and it certainly is not therapeutic; it is criminal.  The US District Court in Alaska dismissed a Medicaid Fraud claim brought by The Law Project for Psychiatric Rights, because fraud is widespread and ongoing!  What was the judge smoking!?!  This should in fact be a priority for the Department of Justice, as it has fiscal, social and moral relevance for all Americans.  The fraud and corruption has decimated Medicaid and Medicare budgets while causing some to became disabled and who then are forced to rely on other federally-funded social service programs.

This deception is eerily reminiscent of psychiatric 'Standard Practices' of the first half of the 20th Century. It is more than reminiscent, it appears to be using the same tactics.  A small group of individuals have laws passed which in effect, declare that some people are of a lower class, this is  determined by a psychiatric diagnosis; and being of this class means they do not need Equal Protection or have the same Human Rights as those without a diagnosis. Those who are labeled by psychiatry can lose their Liberty, and do not have the an effective means to defend against this loss of liberty, the loss of Liberty can be permanent, and may in fact cause their death.  Once Court Ordered, they must receive 'treatment' regardless of the treatment 's safety or efficacy, or lack thereof.  In Washington State people who have been Court Ordered to psychiatric treatment are entered into a tracking system for life; so they can be more easily identified and to make it easier to Court Order them again.  Didn't any of the so-called "advocates" for the mantally ill who lobbied for the passage of these Unconstitutional Laws, ever read any History books or the Constitution of the United States of America?   

The effects of drugs are commonly not shared with those who are taking them willingly; there must be a reason....Could it be they are not as safe or as effective as is being claimed?  To justify continuing this misguided 'treatment' strategy, and (inconceivably) to legitimize this pseudo-medical profession; more lies were told to subvert the truth. The 'treatments' were proclaimed to be, 'safe and effective' and psychiatric diagnoses were declared by psychiatric decree, to be 'brain diseases,' 'brain disorders' and 'chemical imbalances' which require life-long psychiatric 'treatment.'  

I am more than a little disappointed the American Medical Association has not taken a stand on the loss of health, liberty and life caused by psychiatry and it's pseudo-medical treatments. Psychiatry virtually ignores the Ethical Guidelines for Informed Consent and the Hippocratic Oath to, "First do no harm..." 

"Whenever a doctor can not do good, he must be stopped."  Hippocrates.

a final note:
What is with our public servants, don't State and National elected officials take an oath to protect and defend the preeminent Law of the Land as WE the People's elected representatives?  There appears to be little evidence of representing the interests of the people when formulating public policy, or the legislation that effectively enacts those same public policies.  It appears that when formulating public policy, elected officials find ways to erode and subvert, rather than Protect and Defend the Law.   

Sworn Oaths do not have any significance once a person is in the grip of a new diagnosis being considered for the DSM 5 that afflicts psychiatrists, "advocates" of bio-psychiatry and those elected to Public Office it is called, "Special Interest Mania," is a disease that robs it's victims of ethical integrity, and allows them to abuse their authority. It's symptoms emerge when Conflicts of Interest are ignored and no longer recognized. Symptoms include a lack of remorse, a lack of empathy, and intense feelings of fulfillment and euphoria when close to a funding source, or special interest lobbyist. A unique feature of this condition is how it affects everyone who does not have it: It causes those who are not afflicted with it to be screwed over, and may lead to being stripped of their Human Rights and may include being labeled with a psychiatric diagnosis in need of life-long psychiatric treatment with or without consent.

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