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May 27, 2011

Where it is...

I have been again laid open---my guts ripped out by the reality of the grievous harm done my youngest son.  He is unable to tell when he is physically ill due to the brain damage he has from the neuroleptic drugs.   He is now recovering from a severe UTI, and feels better.

The first time I met with his new psychiatrist, I was with his elder brother and my brother.  The psychiatrist does not know I write this blog---so naturally did not know the day we met, I had posted about the Psychiatric Times article discussing the brain damage caused by neuroleptic drugs.  The man told me three times, that they do NOT cause brain damage--in a manner implying I was silly to suggest such a thing, and demanded I respect him.

I will say the exchange was surreal, to say the very least.  He even suggested he was not going "to allow" me or his brother or uncle to SEE him.  I have my son's medical and general Power of Attorney, and there is no way in hell I would act on his behalf on anyone else's say so...I certainly would not do so on the say so of a person I had never met before who is attempting to compel/coerce me to do just that, after lying to me about the medical facts we are confronted with!  My duty to my son is to act as he would himself; had he not been robbed of the capacity to do so.  The lesson my eldest came away with was this: "Today I learned that American Law has nothing to do with Civil Justice." He posted this as his Facebook status.

My heart is so very heavy with grief, and yet I have gratitude that is enabling me to also feel hope in spite of how it all looks...The fact is American Law and "medicine" as practiced by some, lacks both civility and Justice, and sometimes even the appearance of Justice being done is absent as well...I choose to believe in the Law as written; the United States Constitution is the Preeminent Law of the Land.  No law can be passed and implemented which diminishes the protections of individual rights.  Both my son and I have had our Constitutional Rights repeatedly violated as a result of his having a psychiatric diagnosis; it was and is the shame of the State of Washington and those who chose to to act in ways which are contrary to the Law and the Federal Guidelines for the programs which paid for the "mental health services" my son and my family received.  I can not change these facts, and these facts do not change my belief in Justice, or the Constitution of the United States of America.  Aberrations of the law occur due to a failure to meet the standards laid out by the Law, and must be corrected.  For  Justice to be done, it is a requirement for Officers of the Court to adhere to both the spirit and the letter of the Law---Known incidents should not be swept under the rug simply because the victim is unable to defend himself, and file the appropriate paperwork; due to being used in Drug Trials in the State Psychiatric facility for children.  It seems to me, that those who represent those who are considered to be 'non compes mentas', or whatever the fuck psychiatry is calling it that day; should be extra attentive to the their duty to preserve, protect and defend their client's Constitutional Rights in fact--instead of merely attempting to put on the appearance of doing so. 

Eight months to the day after a Mental Health Professional committed two felonies, perjury and forgery victimizing my son, it dawned on me that I need to tell the County Prosecutor himself of what had in fact occurred--as he may in fact not be aware of the facts of the case.  A couple weeks later, I left a voicemail with his office, asking the man to call me to follow up on the conversation; he had assured me he would, "look into it," 'it' being my complaint about the felony forgery and perjury committed by two Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health employees, Nancy Sherman, and psychiatrist, Jeffrey Jennings, and the further crime committed to hide Ms. Sherman's; the shredding of the original Court Documents, in violation of the Law.  CWCMH CEO, Rick Weaver, told me there was nothing wrong with the shredding of these Original Court Documents.  The fact that I had spoke to the Deputy Prosecutor three times before the Hearing held August 6th, and both my eldest son and myself had spoke with Jennifer Lesmez, Assigned Counsel, more than once prior to this hearing---both of these Officers of the court failed to meet the duty each had to the citizens of the State of Washington, most particularly my son.  Haven't heard a peep, nothing.  Yesterday, my eldest and I went to the man's office, and I can not express what it is like to see some people in this community.  A current Deputy Prosecutor, used to be a Defense Attorney for Juvenile Justice---seemed unable to look me in the eye---and that is all I'm going to say...

Oh, and I left a message asking the man I voted for to please give me a ring...

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