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Jun 24, 2011

Friday Funny f*ck!

thank you to greg and mountain for sharing and my friend downunder for extending the invite...

my status for June 18th on facebook:

"Somehow, I was invited to a "Fuck Walk" here on FaceBook...Anyone who knows me in the slightest knows: there is no way in heck I am that good at multi-tasking!"

I assumed it was something well, twisted; and I posted the above status update.  What I learned is that a "fuckwalk" is a demonstration protesting anti-profanity laws in Australia.  Some fucking people apparently do not have lives enough of their own, so would like a piece of everyone else's.  I guess my lesson is I shouldn't assume I wouldn't go to a fuckwalk; because now that I know what it is, I know that I would have to go. I love and will defend my right, and anyone else's--to say what I want, even if it's fuck!

lastly, I want to tell my friend Matthew: 

1 comment:

Ana said...

Hi Becky!
I'm glad you're blogging. After advocating for seven years and 4 years of blogging it's good to see that more people are joining.
Now I'm blogging daily on this one and justAna only occasionally to show that this cause will never leave me. You can find more material at my blog at the firs three years. I cried and got angry many times. It was very hard and admire those who keep blogging daily.
I had to take a break.
Love you dear,


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