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Mar 23, 2014

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first published 7-25-2011 updated 3-23-2014

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The exit link directs a person to the email address of Ronald Moorhead, the State of Washington's DSHS/DBHR "complaint manager." This is the same complaint manager that initially denied having a legal duty to investigate the multiple felony crimes allegedly committed by a Designated Mental Health Professional and a psychiatrist, and their employer. As agents of the State, under color of law, Nancy Sherman, and Jeffrey Jennings employed by Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health, (CWCMH) used a fraudulent affidavit and perjured testimony to first detain, and subsequently court order psychiatric treatment when my precious son, Isaac sought inpatient treatment while having a crisis. He had never not "complied" with his psychiatric treatment ever. CWCMH, the community mental health clinic that contracts with the state to provides crisis response services and designated mental health professionals, shredded all original court documents--documents CWCMH was required by law to retain in toto. Perhaps, the willful destruction of court documents was carried out to protect Nancy Sherman, Jeffrey Jennings, M.D. and CWCMH's CEO, Richard Weaver, and/or other administrators and lawyers who are complicit accomplices intentionally or unwittingly or simply recklessly, people who ignore their ethical duty as individual professionals, to the people who are court ordered to forced psychiatric "treatment" under color of law; psychiatric treatment that can be disabling, and even  fatal. Were Yakima County Superior Court Documents shredded illegally in order to protect perpetrators and/or their accomplices from ever being held criminally or civilly accountable for their human rights crimes?

I can only speculate why original Yakima County Superior Court Documents are shredded "all the time"  illegally. I'm told doing so is standard business at CWCMH.

According to Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health CEO Rick Weaver, 
"We do it all the time."

Another of psychiatry's medico-legal inappropriate use of a medico-legal term which belies the meaning and purpose of standards, and the ethical validity of the practice itself: 
medico-legal record keeping by medico-legal record destruction.

I was seriously misinformed (outright lied to) by David Reed, a DSHS supervisor, on July 8th, 2011 when I called his direct phone number at his office.  Prior to my call, I had learned that in 2008 Reed had been appointed by then Governor, Christine Gregoire, to investigate multiple reports that multiple individuals with psychiatric diagnoses had had their Constitutional Rights had been violated--in fact virtually ignored--when court ordered to psychiatric treatment in Washington State's Superior Courts when Involuntary Treatment petitions had been successfully, if not ethically or legally, filed by Designated Mental Health Professionals. this includes petitions to extend the aforementioned Court Orders to detain, to transform the orders into court orders mandating that mh "professionals" by force "medically treat" people with psychiatric diagnoses targeted. (FYI: Individual Rights were then, and are now grossly violated without actual criminal investigations EVER being performed by trained criminal investigators when what are Crimes Against Humanity are reported to the state's designated complaint manager.

David Reed is the head of the State of Washington's Aging and Long-term Care a division within it's Division of Social and Health Services--Reed is also administrator of Washington State's PACT program. Mr. David Reed then proceeded to tell me he has absolutely no knowledge of any civil rights violations ever being reported; he denied knowing of my complaint on my son's behalf...
WA State  PACT Program Standards    The Trouble With PACT via Systems of Care Yakima

David Reed lied to me when I asked if he was aware of any concerns or complaints (EVER having been filed) Reed answered, "not to my knowledge." I reiterated by asking if even a single complaint EVER been filed. He claimed there had not been. Why then did Washington State's then Governor, Christine Gregoire, appoint Mr. David Reed himself to investigate the reports he was denying having any knowledge of? When I called him a liar, Mr. Reed abruptly hung up.

Washington State's Designated Mental Health "Professionals" and Legal representatives in the various prosecutor's offices in Washington State's counties are ethically and legally required to effectively secure, preserve  and defend the individual rights of those people who are subject to experience the direct adverse effects of every ethical and legal failure; individuals whose individual rights are grossly violated as a matter course are victims and survivors of Human Rights crimes; due to an egregious failure of both the unethical alliance in the medico-legal system which operates by failing to use ethical legal standards required in all other legal procedures and processes while ignoring ethical medical principles. Instead, rights are neither preserved nor defended; many claim they are nonexistent or unnecessary. In Washington State, in my own personal experience, reporting human rights crimes victimizing psychiatric patients is swept under the proverbial rug; the victims are denied justice automatically with impunity. State, Federal and International Law ALL clearly outline the legal duty owed to people who are "investigated," "detained" and "medically treated" "for their own good" under color of law; individual rights are nonexistent if not preserved or defended. Provisions effectively securing these Human Rights clearly stated in the Constitution of the United States of America, are frankly ignored. Crimes reported to public servants designated to act on them, are not investigated by criminal investigators; nor are perpetrators prosecuted; it is not a priority to bring perpetrators of crimes against identified, vulnerable elderly or disabled adults and children to ever be brought to justice...The crimes are occurring; the investigatory procedures required to rectify this gross dereliction of Washington State's legal duty to "the mentally ill" are neither promulgated nor implemented; this ongoing travesty is now effectively a standard clinical practice. Human Experimentation is a clinical care standard done as a public service by publicly paid agents of the state; some are mental health "service providers," some are legal advocates for the State, others are business entities, including their individual emplyees and/or delegated and/or self-appointed advocates for the "mentally ill"...

Had Mr. Reed's response to my succinct inquiry been accurate, or related to the facts at hand, he would never have signed this letter to Carole Willey, a Human Rights activist and an advocate for individual alleged victims. ( The letter is clear, cogent evidence Mr. Reed lied to me in our conversation) When I pointed this out to Reed who is a public servant, i.e. a paid public employee who in effect, worked/s FOR my son, Isaac, and all people living in Washington State; the man promptly hung up on me. Obviously, any effort to correct or amend any RCW and/or WAC in order to prevent further civil rights violations is effectively, if unintentionally, prevented. It is prevented by the very public servants are failing to fulfill a primary legal duty they are paid to perform as agents of the great State of Washington.

Consequently, Human Rights violations committed by DMHPs, psychiatrists, and other mental health "professionals" and "advocates for the mentally ill" who authoritatively and without actual legally mandated accountability procedures having ever promulgated or implemented, petition Washington State's Superior Court to detain and involuntarily "medically treat" human beings who become unprotected and undefended survivors and victims of obscene criminal acts which occur with seeming impunity having been secretly granted to the ethically challenged "professionals" who are the perpetrators acting without fear of being held accountable for gross derelictions of numerous ethical, legal and/or medical duties.

Crimes Against Humanity are a natural consequence of mental health clinical care standards... 

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