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“Most psychiatric drugs can cause withdrawal reactions, sometimes including life-threatening emotional and physical withdrawal problems… Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should be done carefully under experienced clinical supervision.” Dr. Peter Breggin

Aug 14, 2011

Saturday Survivors: Mary Maddock of MindFreedom Ireland

on a Sunday morning...
Mary Maddock

MindFreedom Ireland submission on legal capacity

“We are all human beings responsible for our own lives and should have the right to decide what is best for ourselves. Some of us are not more human than others!!
It is hard to believe that they brain damage us and then they say we are less that human! It is because they believe we are subhuman that they have the right to lock us up and drug/electroshock us against our will for our own good!”
Even though I am drug free for over ten years now and prescribed drugs tortured me for nearly 20 years yet I could still be forced treated with these same drugs if two psychiatrists thought this was necessary.  If I wrote an advanced directive this could also be over ruled by two psychiatrists.

Psychiatric diagnoses are not valid.  They are not based on objective scientific proof.  There is no blood test, scan or objective medical test to establish any psychiatric diagnoses yet psychiatrists have the power to deprive innocent people of their freedom and force treat them with powerful psychotropic drugs.
Why have we not got the right to decide how to live our own lives?   We should have the same rights as every other human being full stop.”   
Mary Maddock


via: the MindFreedom Ireland Website:
Ex-Nun Vs. Psychiatry

On leaving the convent after seven years in 1972, Mary had met and married her husband Jim by 1974. Within a further two years, she found herself in Sarsfield Court Psychiatric Hospital, two days after the birth of her daughter. Heavily medicated and subjected to many sessions of electro-convulsive therapy, it was the beginning of a nightmare that saw her admitted to a further three psychiatric hospitals – the GF wing of Cork University Hospital, St. Anne’s (now Carrigmor) in Cork and St.Patrick’s in Dublin.

Mary was branded a ’manic-depressive’ and put on a cocktail of drugs, including lithium for the next 18 years. Supposedly ‘well’ and out of hospital, in reality she was reduced to a piece of psychiatric flotsam – an overweight, stiff-limbed, kidney-damaged, drooling, tremor-ridden, mind-numbed, middle-aged woman.

Then in 1993, a completely fortuitous event marked a turning point in her life. With the help of people like Dr. Peter Breggin and Dr. Terry Lynch, of organisations like The Cork Advocacy Network and MindFreedom, she began to challenge the orthodox thinking of the Psychiatric Establishment and began her brave, slow, scary but ultimately empowering journey of liberation from its clutches.


 MadProud of you Mary!

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susan said...

I love this! Mary is an inspiration to me too!


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