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Oct 24, 2011

Judge Rotenberg uses inhumane methods that are abusive and amount to torture

Judge Rotenberg Center Administration Building
Massachusetts Students United Against The Judge Rotenberg Center on facebook 

The Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts is torturing mentally handicapped children. Students are administered powerful electric shocks when the act out or misbehave in any way (this includes nagging, swearing, or failing to maintain the proper dress code). The Rotenberg Center is a private school that accepts the most difficult children from eight different states. Many parents are desperate, and the Rotenberg Center offers an alternative, drug and medication-free way of dealing with problem children. But the reality is that kids here are given harsh physical punishments when they misbehave. Many wear backpacks and electrodes that "teachers" use to shock them at will (I say "teachers" in quotes because many have little or no training in psychology).

Students in Massachusetts should be outraged that this is happening on our doorstep. We cannot allow this kind of disgusting treatment to go on in our state. We do not live in a third-world country. This is not Guantanamo Bay. Here in America, torture is unacceptable. And the torture of children is depraved and abhorrent.

We're going to use this group as a way to organize local students for protests, rallies, and lobbying. Every day we do nothing is another day children are being tortured.

Feel free to email me (Nathan Robinson) if you'd like to know anything at

Don't just take my word for the Rotenberg abuses, though. Here's the info:

This is Mother Jones Magazine's original six-page feature on the school:

And here is a convenient summary, for those too lazy to read the article (though it's both fascinating and important)

Here's another article:

And if it's cold, hard facts you want, here's the disturbing report made by the New York State Department of Education:

The JRC's website even discusses their use of electrical shocks as a method for controlling behavior. The site also comments that "JRC is like a medical hospital. The goal of most medical hospitals is to return the individual to good health and to a normal living situation outside the hospital; however, in order to reach that goal it may be necessary to do some highly “abnormal” procedures within the operating rooms and in the emergency and intensive care wards of the hospital."

Please join us in trying to shut down this heinous institution!


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susan said...

thanks for blogging about this. the word has to get out about this hell hole.


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