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Oct 11, 2011

Lucky Number 7 and Quack Master Jack

Quack Master Jack
My son Isaac, at the age of seven, was diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. This is a neurological condition that is number seven on a list of medical conditions which need to be excluded in order to diagnose schizophrenia; because it has the same symptoms.  He was diagnosed by a neurologist from an EEG, just prior to Quack Master Jack first "treating" my son for seven months at CSTC.

Three sevens isn't that supposed to be lucky?! 

Being educated, even though I'm not a Dorktor like Quack Master Jack, I knew that schizophrenia is a diagnosis of exclusion.  I also knew that when Quack Master Jack diagnosed my son with schizophrenia, that my son's Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and early childhood trauma were ignored by 'treatment providers' and always had been---not excluded or treated with recommended treatments; but  ignored.  Quack Master Jack ultimately excluded Temporal Lobe Epilepsy by removing the diagnosis from my son's Medical Record, a crime.

All of my son's symptoms can in fact be caused by Left Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Quack Master Jack used my son, because research needs to be done, there are drugs to sell and Practice Parameters which an evidence-base must be developed to support and validate "scientifically" if not ethically... How lucky can one boy be!  Lucky triple number 7 and chosen to be in Quack Master Jack's TEOSS Drug Trials!

I'm not a dorktor, I'm just a MadMother; I'm thinking how in the hell could this be considered ethical; let alone be publicly funded?! It sure as hell isn't ethical; it doesn't comply with the Nuremberg Code! Since when is it permissible for a NIMH funded 'research psychiatrist' without any legal authority, to effectively strip a parent of their parental rights; strip my child in distress of his Human Rights; so that he can be used as a human guinea pig in neuroleptic drug trials?  My son was repeatedly traumatized and ultimately disabled by Jon McClellan who repeatedly told me I had no say in what he was doing to my son.  He informed me that telling me anything was a COURTESY since he did not need my approval or consent.  Jon McClellan was the only one who provided approval and consent to the unethical treatment of my son.

"in psychiatry, curing symptoms reigns suppreme (sic) over a collaborative approach. Parents who objected to medical treatment they would see as at best ill informed and at worst impaired themselves."  This is a quote from one of Quack Master Jack's former professors... The obvious flaw in this convoluted reasoning, and "professional opinion"; is that it implies that no one has the right to refuse psychiatric treatment--period.  Considering the fact that the drugs do not cure, or even treat the symptoms---for the vast majority of people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, it is an insane justification for what was done to my son.  The drugs caused a hell of a lot of trauma, and induced iatrogenic diseases as they are well known to do...

How lucky can one boy get!


How to determine if a 'physical' illness is causing what looks like a 'mental' illness. 
by Ronald J Diamond M.D. 
University of Wisconsin Department of Psychiatry 
Written and Revised (1/28/96)

(It is the 'dream' of everyone with a 'mental' illness, and their families, that the illness, can be 'cured'. Dr. Diamond is one of the most caring doctors I have met. The following is a paper he wrote for 'non medical mental health professionals' to help them determine if someone presenting with a psychiatric illness has other physical illnesses and/or a physical illness that is 'causing' the mental illness that may have been missed by others. I have, albeit awkwardly, rephrased (redited and shortened) the original (better) paper to be of relevance to families of and people with neurobiological disorders ("NBD" formerly known as 'mental illness" )

The idea is that doctors should, but often don't look for other physical illnesses in someone with NBD. Armed with the following info, you can start to look for the illness yourself, or at least insist the doctor do it. -This should not substitute for a doctor's advice- dj jaffe
, ed). 

 C. Medical Illnesses that Can Present as Psychosis

7. Temporal lobe epilepsy (or partial complex seizure disorder)

I used Jaffe as a source as a JOKE more than anything else---it fit with the 'theme'---It is quite unusual to find anything put out by Jaffe that resembles accurate information.  As for his comment, "doctors should, but often don't look for other physical illnesses;"  the reality is much more sinister than this statement implies.  Other causes are not being excluded properly before labeling a person as having schizophrenia; the fucking geniuses who diagnose schizophrenia and treat patients often medically neglect the iatrogenic; e.g. PHYSICIAN caused /AVOIDABLE, neurological, cognitive, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases they acquire as a result.   My son has had one EKG in seven years, The manufacturer of one of the drugs he takes recommendeds an EKG be done ANNUALLY; but since I am not a DORKTOR, I can't order one...or force his DORKTORS to order it.  They also do not think it is important to order the neurological work up my son should have.  You'd think it would be important: fully assessing the actual of condition of a real live guinea pig...

Temporal Lobe Epilepsy is thought to be caused by Traumatic Brain Injury--My son was the victim of violent assault at the age of three while in foster care.  Quack Master Jack knew of this trauma and recorded in Isaac's medical record that the crime had been reported to CPS as required by law...

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