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Nov 14, 2011

A Perfect Slice of Life

GTC image of Interacting Galaxies NGC 5395-94 aka Arp 84
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There are times when I am so full of emotion---today has been one of those days all day long.  I went to bed early last night just kinda feeling sad about the state of things in general...not bad but kinda in a space where I was more aware of what's wrong with the world than what's right, ya know?  I hate it, when I feel that way...

Anyway, I woke up after a long dead sleep---feeling good.  All day I have had this real good, heart in my throat, full of emotion feeling.  I have been uber-aware of how precious life is, perfectly imperfect.  The sign that my son is coming back and feels safe enough to be present the last few months, has consistently been the same.  When he starts to come out, and is not so withdrawn; the first indicator has been four words that come out of the blue.  Maybe I feel so good because I've heard those four words countless times in the last few days; after weeks of hearing not much of anything; it doesn't really matter.  I am just gonna soak it in, and dig the fact that tears are not only to express sorrow and grief...   

Isaac's and my favorite Christian song is, "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me.  We watched the video on youtube and when we left the house to get his blood drawn, it was on the radio in the car.  How cool is that?

Oh I forgot!  The four words: "I love you too."  He says this before I say anything at all...

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