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Dec 10, 2011

Saturday Survivor: MindFreedom International member Frank Blankenship

This week's Saturday Survivor is long-time MindFreedom International member and Human Rights activist, Frank Blankenship.  Frank is an outspoken critic of psychiatric oppression whose articulate writing and social activism are inspirational.   

Frank is involved with MindFreedom's campaign, Boycott Normal which is  protesting the APA's DSM 5 for stigmatizing those whom it labels in a discriminatory manner; and not in anyone's best interest.  Those who are subject to being labeled under it's questionable method of classifying normal human behaviors as symptoms of disease.  People are told they have a disease, when there is in no basis in fact for this claim.  Then they are told there is no cure, but that their "disease" can be "treated" with drugs which can disable or kill them, but must be taken for the rest of their lives.  Those who do not agree to the diagnosis, and refuse to comply with treatment, find that they are at risk of being Court Ordered to locked facilities and forced to comply.   Some are Court Ordered for the remainder of their life, even if they return to their home in the community. 

Frank actively works to inform the public and to offer assistance to those who wish to free themselves from this type of abuse of authority which is perpetrated under the guise of benevolent assistance to those in distress.  Individuals who are labeled by psychiatry's DSM can find they have lost their autonomy. Many find themselves effectively de-voiced; their own opinion is not heard or heeded while their liberty and freedom to choose how to deal, and who will help them, is stripped from them; without Procedural Due Process of Law.  

Frank Blankenship
in his own words:
I am a survivor of psychiatric torture and imprisonment.  I have made it my life's mission to help other people avoid the harmful mistreatment and indignities I have suffered at the hands of the mental illness/health establishment and system if they so choose. It is my belief that taking this position represents proof positive of my continued sanity.
Frank is President of the Board of MindFreedom Florida
here he is with Peter Lehman at Alternatives Conference 2011 in Orlando, Florida
Frank Blankenship (chair of MindFreedom Affiliate Support Committee), physician Larry Plumlee (MindFreedom DC), psychologist Al Galves on MindFreedom board, and David Oaks, director of MindFreedom International.
via Lunatic Fringe Frank's Blog:
    1. They are silenced while strangers presume to speak for them 
    2. They are lied to and about 
    3. They are given inadequate legal counsel 
    4. They are harassed by the police and locked up for piddling offenses 
    5. They are subjected to kangaroo hearings and rigged court proceedings 
    6. They are prevented from voting or holding elected office 
    7. They are removed from environments they are familiar with 
    8. They are expected to fail at every task they take on 
    9. They are treated like children beyond the age of consent 
    10. They are harmed by people who claim to be helping them 
    11. They are mistaken for the symptoms of “disease” 
    12. They are expected to work for nothing and this slavery is called rehab 
    13. They are officially stigmatized through the records kept of their hospital stays 
    14. They are the victims of violent crime more often than they are the perpetuators 
    15. They are not allowed weapons with which to defend themselves 
    16. They are discriminated against by employers, educators, and the general public 
    17. They are stereotyped in the media 
    18. They are humiliated and disrespected as a rule 
    19. They are criticized for showing any pride or self-respect, and for telling the truth 
    20. They are rewarded for lying, for betrayal, and for parroting the words and deeds of their oppressors 
    21. They are deprived of opportunities most people take for granted 
    22. They are ostracized, segregated and isolated 
    23. They are imprisoned in state hospitals 
    24. They are restrained to beds and chairs by leather straps 
    25. They are placed in solitary confinement (seclusion or quiet rooms) 
    26. They are sexually and physically abused, and the perpetuators of this abuse get off with little more than a knuckle rap 
    27. They are shocked 
    28. They are drugged 
    29. They are injured by shock, drugging, restraint, and physical abuse 
    30. They are killed
Please consider becoming a MindFreedom International Member if you are not already... Human Rights are for everyone! 

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Duane Sherry, M.S. said...


Thanks for posting.

Lawrence Plumlee, M.D. (in the photo you posted) is involved in Environmental Medicine.

He did a lot to help the troops of the first Gulf War, who were exposed to toxic levels of chemicals (burning oil fields).

For anyone interested, here is a link to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine -

This may be helpful for families searching for answers with children who've been diagnosed with "mental illness" (whatever that is).

My best,



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