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Feb 14, 2012

Chris Busche Thanks MindFreedom Shield Campaign

MindFreedom Shield News - 14 February 2012

       Chris Busche finally free of NJ psychiatric institution

       Chris thanks MindFreedom Shield Campaign

Psychiatric survivor Chris Busche got a special Valentine's Day gift

He's free of a psychiatric institution in New Jersey where he's been
locked up for about 19 months.

Chris attributes part of this victory in getting free to the
MindFreedom Shield Campaign, which has put out a number of alerts on
his behalf. Krista Erickson is chair of the MFI Shield campaign, and
her committee has never given up on Chris's campaign. Chris is even on
the campaign email list.

Chris phoned the MindFreedom office a few hours after getting out the
institution door at about 2 pm ET to say he's now free.

Chris asked, "Tell the MindFreedom Shield campaign 'thanks for
everything you're doing.' The shield campaign helped in a few ways.
The campaign helped keep me feeling centered. And it helped keep the
pressure on."

Demanding that the psychiatric system provide housing for Chris
outside of the institution was one of the biggest challenges. Said
Chris, "It took a long time to get me out. I was in the institution
from July 2010 until today, approximately 19 months."

Al Galves of New Mexico is active in the MindFreedom Shield campaign,
and on the MFI Board of Directors. Al has personally flown in and
visited Chris in New Jersey, and also talked with Chris on the phone
for a total of many hours. Al helped create one of the alerts to
successfully demand that the institution respond to communications
about Chris.

Al said,  "Chris is a very courageous man. My applause is to him for
hanging in there. He didn't give up. He kept on going forward, so
that's great. I'm also thankful to all the Shield members who
communicated with him. I think it was important for him to be
connected with people outside. We'll keep on advocating for him inside
the group home."

Chris said, "I'm now in a group home in Sweetsboro, New Jersey. It's
run by a company called AdvoServ, and it looks like approximately 15
to 20 people live here. The place looks a little dumpy, but it's
better than the hospital. I am still being coercively medicated, but
they said they'd work me down to the lowest possible amount."

Nearly a year ago, MindFreedom put out several alerts for Chris, then
29-years-old. You can see some of the past alerts here:

Chris may be off email for about a week as he gets hooked back up to
the Internet. He will read any 'congratulations' messages at his email
address here:


Please forward this news.

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