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“Most psychiatric drugs can cause withdrawal reactions, sometimes including life-threatening emotional and physical withdrawal problems… Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should be done carefully under experienced clinical supervision.” Dr. Peter Breggin

Feb 18, 2012

Misunderstanding Psychiatry (and philosophy) at the Highest Level Bullshit

"to paraphrase a line from the film Cool Hand Luke
“What we got here is a failure to communicate!"
No doc, what we got here is Bullshit.

Believing Bullshit activates Bullshit's placebo effect.
 Bullshit is safe and effective. 

I've read quite a few learned scholars who write Bullshit
This one appears to be full of it!

Psychiatry's "protected" academic elite, i.e. the idiots who have lied about the Drug Trial data; the researchers who used biased, unethical methodology in clinical trial research harming real people; ultimately reporting their corrupt data in "peer reviewed" professional journals and at conferences.  In effect, these research psychiatrists lied about the benefit risk profiles of the drugs.  People have died. Millions of children have been told there is something wrong with their brains, and that they need to take teratogenic psychiatric drugs; when there in fact has been no pathology or dysfunction identified.  The children are then drugged using neurotoxins which can actually cause dysfunction, i.e. iatrogenic dysfunction.  Only after psychiatric treatment, do the children have something diagnostically wrong with their brain!?  I am not a doctor, but I could play one on TV. I'm not smart and adjudicated by psychiatry and philosophy, so I'll pretend I'm a real live doctor; but I'm gonna do the philosophy first.  Alrighty then!

Who is right about the science---is not what matters most.  What matters is what is being done to real human beings behind the indiscriminate, prolific prescribing of drugs.  Drugs approved based on utter Bullshit in some cases.  Then, the Highest Level Bullshit artists (such geniuses) don't retract Bullshit from their 'professional' journals.  The 'professional journals' are considered 'Resources' to physicians who then treat their patients with drugs based on this 'peer-reviewed' Bullshit. Holy Cow! Standard Treatment Protocols based on Bullshit are used, and now the Bullshit is what is being vehemently defended along with the Bullshit artists, who are still considered Leaders in the "medical" specialty of Psychiatry?!  WTF kind of willful blindness allows a group of 'professionals' to utterly and completely fail to discipline, censure and strip the licenses from it's members who have participated in blatant criminal behavior?! The academic elite have harmed patients and caused other professionals who relied on their Bullshit research to harm patients, and yet they are still "leaders." 

"Medical Professionals" who rely on this corrupt data, are defending it, and the criminals who have purposely perpetrated fraud; if this is the 'Highest Level' ---why would anyone believe this Bullshit?!!  Only a psychiatrist at the Highest Level would think a big huge steaming load of Bullshit is "Evidence-Based Medicine."

Now there's a philosophy right there, I tell ya what!  I think I've about wrapped it up...
oh wait, psychiatry is medicine, that is supposedly misunderstood...
Well, not by me!  I'm not believing the Bullshit Pies...

Philosophically, it doesn't matter, whose analysis is correct.  The Real World Outcomes matter.   For the patients, it is all that matters.  In the aggregate, Psychiatry at the Highest Level has  Real World 'treatment' Outcomes that are lousy and indefensible.  Attempting to defend them is despicable; doing so adds insult to injury to say the very least.  Defending psychiatry while failing to defend, assist or even acknowledge the psychiatric patients who have been harmed by this Highest Level Bullshit, is morally reprehensible.  Psychiatric drugs are thrown by the handfuls onto the playgrounds and into school classrooms; sprayed like scatter shot at traumatized veterans; and used to sedate grandpa and grandma into early graves.  The Highest Level Bullshit artists seem to be willfully blind, conflicted elitists who castigate other professionals who have the audacity to think critically of the disability and death toll that the Highest Level Bullshit has had on the patients 'successfully treated;' i.e. treatment compliant, or not. 

It is one thing to defend a hypothesis that is not yet validated; and to continue to look for the evidence to validate it. It is quite another to use belief in it's validity, i.e. one's personal conviction of it's inherent truth, as a justification for using coercion and and fraud to compel patient's to believe your Bullshit, or use the Courts to force your Bullshit down patient's necks.  Doing so, is contrary to the philosophy of medicine in the Hippocratic tradition. It is unethical. It is criminal.  It is not therapeutic. It is unsafe and inefficacious to use teratogenic drugs indiscriminately across diagnostic categories and population groups. It is not in a patient's "best interest" to prescribe drugs regardless of the safety and fail to warn about the serious risks. That the prescriptions can be entirely without sufficient empirical support, is stunning; obviously, unethical.  Even worse, drugs are commonly prescribed in spite of evidence that it is not safe or efficacious; and this is done using treatment algorithms in endless combinations, i.e. polypharmacy; and this is called, a standard clinical practice, in spite of not being supported by valid empirical research or patient outcome data.  What exactly is being defended is standards of care that are not based on medical science, medical ethics, or using ethical medical judgement. The standards were developed through a quasi-democratic political process. Professionals voting to achieve a "consensus of professional opinions" is not a scientific process, it is a political endeavor. In this way leaders in psychiatry have made it a "legal" standard clinical practice to conduct Human Experimentation; and call it a "standard of care."  

How anyone interprets Bullshit
 has never been 
as important as 
Real World Outcomes.

Intent on preserving a sense of integrity for the profession, with outcomes not worthy of defending at all, psychiatry is clearly understood to be robbing people of cognitive and intellectual abilities while causing neurological, autonomic, metabolic, endocrine and hormonal dysfunction all common negative effects--(not side effects) of psychiatry's Bullshit 'treatments.'  Given the broad spectrum effects of 'Bullshit-Based Medicine,' psychiatry, in it's present incarnation of 'psycho' pharmacology, takes lives at an alarming rate; and calls drug-induced deaths, 'natural' instead of acknowledging it is iatrogenic homicide. After being striped of their basic human rights, people can be legally forced to take teratogens...WHY does this not sound like Medicine?  Is it because treatment could actually cause the patient iatrogenic illnesses, and ultimately a decades early death?  

Claiming Psychiatry (and Philosophy) is Misunderstood, is Bullshit;
it's a common side-effect of believing your own Bullshit Pies.

Bullshit-Based Medicine causes one hell of a 
iatrogenic injury.
(NO Bullshit!)

Misunderstanding Psychiatry (and philosophy) at the Highest Level Bullshit: Any professional who questions psychopharmacology and use of the bio-disease model, or the lousy real world treatment outcomes, lacks insight; "Misunderstanding Psychiatry (and Philosophy) at the Highest Level." Apparently, Bullshit Artists become immune to Bullshit.

Whatever deceives men seems to produce a magical enchantment.
~ Plato

Let's just say I am neither deceived, nor enchanted.

I'm a MadMother immune to Bullshit.

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