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Mar 9, 2012

a history of dishonesty and a lack of ethical integrity

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
George Santayana

In my last post I compared the modern day practice of psychiatry to the eugenics movement.  I want to clarify that it is not that I believe that psychiatry is involved in some sort conspiracy to practice eugenics.  The 'mythology of chemical imbalance' and the bio-medical belief system in psychiatry and it's doctrine that mental illnesses are 'brain diseases' is and has been used to justify horrific violations of Human Rights just like 'genetic inferiority' was used as an excuse to sterilize people in public progroms during the Eugenics era.  Mental Health Public Policy is discriminatory, and legally segregates people diagnosed as mentally ill into a separate, less than equal, lower class in human society---even more so once a psychiatric diagnosis has been legally adjudicated.  Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals become treatment enforcers instead of providers and potentially have the authority to 'medically treat' and dictate where patients/victims live for the rest of their lives.  

The same flawed biased reasoning is used to justify the current Involuntary Treatment Laws that was used to justify the Eugenics Laws.   People were considered less than fully human by virtue of being determined to be 'dim-witted,' mentally ill, mentally retarded, or epileptic and were declared genetically defective, and sterilized and lobotomized in psychiatric institutions.  People were sterilized, lobotomized,  among other heinous 'medical treatments' carried out ostensibly, to benefit all of human society...

To protect society from 'those people', society determined that torture and abuse were necessary.  Legislation was passed to legally mandate these 'medical treatments.'  Ironic when one considers it.    

That there was a 'scientific basis' for the beliefs which fueled eugenic practices was 'common knowledge,' much like believers in psychiatric mythology erroneously believe that mental illness results from brain disease is a scientifically valid medical determination; when it is simply belief in a yet to be validated hypothesis.   In spite of obvious reasons for this current claim to be not only be questioned, but considered suspect; Legislation has been passed diminishing the rights of those diagnosed by psychiatry.  Involuntary Commitment Laws segregate and diminish the Individual Rights and Liberty interests of people in the exact same manner the Eugenics Laws diminished the freedom and autonomy of the people considered defective.  Proponents of the ITA Laws and the Eugenics Laws claim they are based on scientific and/or medical knowledge; yet neither were supported by valid empirical data which would validate the claims.  Apparently, as a society, we are to accept the claim that psychiatric diagnoses are diseases because some believe it to be evidence is necessary, we should not need it...

We are to accept the claim because of who is making it.  Making such a claim without providing valid scientific evidence is suspect.  Doctors are not supposed to lie to or about patients.  Doctors are not supposed to lie to or mislead anyone about what is and is not known about diagnoses or treatments they provide.  Historically and presently this type of honesty has not been universally valued; scientific principles in psychiatric research and medical ethics in clinical practice have not been adhered to.  Psychiatry has abused it's authority and abused distressed patients with impunity historically.  Currently the methods of social control like coercion, being manipulative and controlling using subterfuge and denial are common in Standard Practice.  Exactly why has the ability to Court Order unwilling patients and to detain patients commonly, without Procedural Due Process of Law and Police Powers been granted to psychiatry in spite psychiatry's history of dishonesty and lack of ethical integrity? 

The Pharmacaust: The Destruction of the "Mentally Ill"

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Mark p.s.2 said...

regarding "Exactly why has the ability to Court Order unwilling patients and to detain patients without Procedural Due Process of Law, using Police Powers been granted to psychiatry in spite psychiatry's history of dishonesty and lack of ethical integrity?"

As far as I can tell, only psychiatrists can detect what is "sane" and what is "insane". This is a magical ability only a psychiatrist can perform, that science can not. Insanity can not be photographed, or measured with any known scientific instrument.
The "insanity defense" is a part of the law in most countries. That's where psychiatrists get their power from.

Psychiatry is insane in my opinion. They claim to want to help people suffering from "memory difficulties, avolition, anhedonia, poor insight, etc."

When psychiatrists are drugging-poisoning their patients brain to cause the symptoms to occur. Psychiatrists expect a magical chemical to magically teach(or magically compel) their prisoner to be "good" instead of "bad". Just like Wonder Womans Lasso of Truth.
Then after years of abuse, years of psychiatric drugs, the patients brain changes, and they say the brain changes are from the "mentally ill" disease, not the treatment they have endured from psychiatry.

Psychiatrists are getting paid to find physical evidence of mental illness, and find it they will.


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