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Mar 18, 2012

Please Take Action for CASA Do It For The Children

via National CASA Blog:

Is anybody paying attention as funding for one of the most vital programs for neglected and abused children is slashed to $0?

Is anybody paying attention as funding for one of the most vital programs for neglected and abused children is slashed to $0? Society has an obligation to abused and neglected children. Caring for them is our collective responsibility.
So why does the Administration’s current budget proposalend federal funding of the Victims of Child Abuse Act?
The ratio of expenses to overhead for CASA is among the best in the nonprofit world. A single dollar invested in CASA programs yields $23.40 in savings in the foster care and child welfare system.
So why would anyone allow the $12 million in funding CASA receives through the Victims of Child Abuse Act to just disappear?
Sure, $12 million sounds overwhelming when you think about your family’s budget. But in terms of the Administration’s proposed budget, $12 million amounts to about 3 ten thousandths of one percent of federal expenditures. Put another way: the elimination of funding for CASA advocacy is meaningless in terms of federal deficit reduction.
But those dollars can mean everything to the life of a child in foster care.
How can anyone justify subtracting 3 ten thousandths of one percent from government spending when it means a child could spend more time languishing in foster care… or when a youth might be forced to take psychotropic medication that was never intended for children… or when siblings who could have stayed together end up separated forever? What do we say to the child who is moved three, four or even eight times to different homes and schools?
CASA can be the difference between a life that’s full of broken dreams and a life that’s lived to the fullest potential.
So why would anybody sit by and watch this happen?
I can’t, and I am asking each of you to take action with me.
CASA allies in Congress tell us there is a chance these funds can be restored—if we act now. If we raise our voices, speak loudly and speak as one, we have a chance. But the window of opportunity is closing.
We have mobilized our network. It is vital that everyone reading these words contact their elected representatives. Urge them to restore full funding for National CASA. It will take just a few minutes. And it could change the life of a child. Thank you.
Enter your zip code here for quick, easy links to your elected officials.
Please contact your elected Representatives today!
My message:

I have just found out the budget does not include funding for the CASA program.  The Court Appointed Special Advocates for children is far too vital a program to cut.  This program is a safety net for abused and neglected children, we as a society have a duty to these children who end up in the child welfare system due to abuse and neglect.  I urge you to take action on the behalf of the children of the State of Washington and ensure this vital resource remains intact to serve them, and us.  

Becky Murphy

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