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Mar 27, 2012

Twenty-Four Today

Happy Birthday! 

It's like it was yesterday...He woke up for a bit a while ago and sang "Happy Birthday to me..." and went back to bed... All he wanted for his birthday is to spend time with me, and to go out for Chinese---the day before.  So we went to Eddy's, his favorite.  Afterwards, he wanted to go see his friend Seth---he only wanted to stay for a few minutes.  When he was small, when I bought something for him, he never failed to ask me to buy something for his older brother---Today, he rarely asks for anything at all, and even more rarely does he want something just for himself; for some reason, that makes my eyes water profusely....   
 we still look like this...
Isaac was six when he drew this.

1 comment:

Rossa Forbes said...

Happy Birthday, Isaac. Great picture, too!


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