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Apr 3, 2012

I truly wish

I truly wish I was not angry; but I also know there are some things human beings are not really supposed to be alright with.  I know you to be a fine person who genuinely cares about Isaac, and me.  It matters.  You asked what would make it alright, what would help me 'stay well.'  The truth is I know, but I do not believe it is within your power, or mine.  One of the primary reasons I am so raw is the fact is the harm continues to be done to my son and not just the teratogenic effects of the drugs---the manner in which he is treated as a diagnosis instead of a Human Being is horrifying.  I am his mother, and the careless disregard shown my son is not something that I am supposed to gracefully accept.  The State continues to violate Federal Law with impunity, and because of this, we have less to live on; and I am denied the medical coverage I should be getting.  No one cares, well that's an exaggeration obviously!  But it is of little comfort, since the people who have the authority, the responsibility and the Civic Duty to stop the ongoing Medicaid Fraud do not.  All I have asked for is for the right thing to be done at any one time.  Not once has it been as the Law is written, as the Administrative Code is written, NOT ONCE---in the numerous instances when Felony Crimes were committed against MY CHILD, has there been a Criminal Investigation--NOT ONCE.  It is the Attorney General for the State of Washington by whose authority my son was Civilly Committed by two Mental Health 'professionals' who committed Forgery and Perjury, and both the Assigned Counsel and the Yakima County Deputy Prosecutor were aware that perjury was being used.  It took these 'public servants' one minute and twenty-six seconds to rob my son of his human dignity and his Constitutional Rights---No kidding...Rob McKenna is now running for Governor of the State of Washington--he is aware of the crimes committed against my son by 'public servants' who were acting under the Color of Law for the State of Washington---as does Disability Rights Washington, and the Department of Justice Office of Civil Rights Criminal Division.  BTW apparently, they don't investigate Federal crimes which violate civil rights!  That's what I was told a YEAR after I was assured that my well written, Criminal Complaint, including the entire record from the Yakima County Superior Court, was indeed in the right place... You are genuinely concerned and I do appreciate that.  I really believe it would be easier to get over past harm and the traumas caused if the same sort of events were not continuing to play out, and obviously, since perjury and forgery are not investigated---this after MY CHILD was 'legally' kidnapped to be used as a guinea pig .  He continues to be treated as if he is less than human by 'mental health providers;' exactly how well-adjusted is a mother supposed to become to that?   I am scared of what further harm will be done to my son; and the ongoing damage being done to him by the drugs.  My son and I did not agree to enter him into any macabre psychiatric Human Experimentation; but permission was not 'needed' or asked for.  The fact that it happened would be easier to accept if I had a way to actually get my son the real medical care---but I cannot even get the medical care he is supposed to have while on the fucking drugs he was put on!  Mothers do not have any authority to order neurology consults, or EKGs.  It's a shame NAMI won't lobby for the medical care people need after being drugged like NAMI advocates claim is 'medically necessary,' while ignoring altogether the iatrogenic illnesses which have disabled my son...It is apparent to me that there is way more interest in pretending that the events which brought us to where we are today are 'just the past;' and we need to just shut-up and go along...

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