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Apr 20, 2012

Leake & Watts Staff Performing a job that is effectively, to be of direct service to Corey Foster---obviously FAILED.

Corey Foster case: Report offers new details in Leake & Watts death  
Police papers offer new details in death at Leake & Watts
11:09 PM, Sep 11, 2012 

YONKERS — A police report obtained by The Journal News offers some new details in the case of 16-year-old Corey Foster, who died in April after being restrained at Leake & Watts residential treatment center.

The report identifies three male staffers who restrained Foster as Andrew Duncan, Steve McSween and Joseph Person. It also says police have photographs of a scratch on the left side of Person’s neck, but doesn’t say how he got it. here
Leake & Watts boy's death: 'I can't breathe,' boy shouts after staffers piled onto him, witness says
 Apr. 19, 2012 
After Foster said he couldn’t breathe, one staffer replied, “If you can’t breathe, you wouldn’t be talking.” That same person then punched Foster in the head, Green said, adding “I saw the fist connect.” Green, as he was being forced out, said he saw foam coming out of Foster’s mouth.

The account mirrors the statements of two other witnesses, who said several boys were shooting hoops when the staff ordered them to clear the court so they could play. Staff piled onto Foster after he became angry, they said.

“When they got off of him, he was on the ground and wasn’t responsive,” said Antonio Reeder, 17, a resident.

This is disgusting.  How many children are we going to allow a group of adults to smother to fucking death?  Really.  There have been multiple attempts to pass Federal Legislation to stop these groups of idiots who kill kids in treatment facilities.  Using unsafe, and maniacal methods in performing a job that is effectively, to be of direct service to the kid they killed---obviously the staff at Leake and Watts FAILED.  ADULTS piled on one Man-Sized adolescent and smothered him by 'accident'?!   My aching ass!  The fucking idiots smothered a human being by piling on top of him, a gross error in 'professional' judgement; obviously!  Not a single one of them gathered their fucking senses before Corey Foster stopped breathing!?!  That is murder.   Involuntary perhaps, but murder.   How can this be considered an 'accident'? An 'accident' occurs in spite of due diligence in taking 'ordinary precautions.'  What 'ordinary precautions' allow for adults to pile on top of a kid???  Throwing ordinary precautions out the freaking window maybe---not showing any 'due diligence of duty to 'ordinary precautions' is what it takes for involuntary murder!

More on Restraint and Seclusion including how to let your Elected Reps know that you think it's a bad idea to allow kids to be restrained to death with impunity it happens WAY too often...Help to pass
Students Safe Act S(2020)  More on Seclusion and Restraint at Systems of Care Yakima here.

Update via NYTimes:

No Charges in Death at Yonkers Center for Youths here

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