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Mar 21, 2013

10th Anniversary "Bowling for Columbine" House Party

In Michael Moore's movie, "Bowling for Columbine," the question is repeatedly asked why are there so many gun murders in the United States compared to other countries, but no answer is given. However, in Gary Null's film, "The Drugging of our Children,", Mr. Moore says that it is quite possible Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold shot all of those students at Columbine for no other reason than they were given psychiatric drugs. He called for an investigation into the role of such drugs in the murders at Columbine in that movie by Gary Null, but does not appear to be following up.

Now, there is an opportunity to ask him about it!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013, is the 10th anniversary of the release of Bowling for Columbine and Mr. Moore is urging everyone to have House Parties to view the film at 7:00 pm Eastern Time and join him with a panel of activists for an online discussion of where we go from here starting at 9:00 pm Eastern Time. The panel will be live on,


He says you can tweet them during or after the film with the hashtag #BFCquestion. He also says to "send any questions you'd like to ask to me before the end of the movie to with the subject "#RAquestion" and we'll get you to the front of the line." 

Since Columbine it has become more and more clear that many if not most of the similar types of mass murders were caused by psychiatric drugs. However, in many cases the information has been suppressed. For more information, see, PsychRights' Letter to the President's Task Force on Gun Violence,

Let's ask Michael Moore about investigating the role of psychiatric drugs and mass murders. The questions need to be sent after 7:00 pm Saturday Eastern Time, March 23rd and before the end of the panel. Before then, though, you can post questions here you intend to ask, and/or suggest questions for people to ask so we can flood Mr. Moore with questions about investigating the role of psychiatric drugs and gun violence during and right after the movie.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Michael Moore: We are all big fans. We believe that the only way America is going to fix itself is to remember UNITED we stand, that to our group of friends and acquaintances means UNITED. The awesome vision of America, to us means that we are Americans before we are anything else, and as Americans we know others have a right to be who they are. I no longer own guns, but have a history of growing up on and around reservations, these are often still the old west, and if a person wants to stay alive, they will have guns, the criminals do, and there often are no police. Regardless of ancient traditions, the reality is, many urban criminals have invaded the reserves and you best have dogs and guns, to stay alive. No security companies are on reserves, and if they were, they could not get there in time. The response time could be four or more hours on some of the bigger reserves.

There are no paramedics. The People take EMT training and you get who happens to be nearby.

Many of the veterans who were medics, are now the fire, police and EMT volunteers.

My point is, there is no one side of an argument fits all if we are really Americans.

The funny thing is, most police are NRA members, and they are the first to stand in line to sign get the guns off the streets petitions.

The NRA is not the problem.

I am a mediator, and have always worked for resolution, not compromise. The difference, one learns in mediation programs is that compromise is saying I like veges, you like meat, so we put it all together in a blender and we both are dissatisfied, and grossed out. The Constitution itself is a resolution document, not a compromise. Although some areas were compromised to get it signed, and it has taken 200 years to work out the problems, and they are far from all worked out. Women got the vote, Native Americans got recognized years after civil rights as human beings. Few people are aware of that. While Blacks had to sit on the back of the bus, Native Americans and Mexicans were not allowed ON the bus, in our own land.


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