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Mar 22, 2013

Worthy of Consideration

Last October 30th, I was informed that I had been denied a contract to provide 29 hours of care to a client. The reason used stunned me. The fact that I had not been informed by the Home and Community Care Office where I had applied to get the contract, was more than odd. The reason given to me by the potential client who had informed me; made no sense to me. The reason given was in fact a lie. A state employee  had informed the client that I was, according to him, disqualified due to a felony record that I do not have, and he also alleged that my license had been revoked when he knew this was also a lie.  The person who made these statements knew for a fact that what he was saying was not true; knew for a fact that I have no felony record and knew for a fact that my license had never been revoked.  Why he found it necessary to do these things is unclear to me.

I have been a wreck. Despite not being shocked by this paid public servant's outrageous behavior, I am deeply effected and in fact feel as if I am under attack.  Although this is not the first time a state employee has lied about me, it is the first time that my son and I are at risk of ending up homeless as a result of a state employee abusing his authority and power who thought it was acceptable to slander me and take my only source of income away from me for what he knew was a fiction manufactured by himself. When I think about it, I am bombarded with a cascade of traumatic memories of being treated like I am less than human by the people who are paid to be helpful and provide services to handicapped and elderly Washingtonians. This current assault is typical of the manner in which I have been treated for 20 years. 

I have to say that in the time since Dirk Bush, Social Worker 3 at DSHS Home and Community Services office slandered me to the client, denied me the contract I was seeking so that I would be able to again purchase the services for my son that I suspended when my hours were cut; has been filled with fear and anxiety. Out of necessity, I have been dealing with the state social service system for a very long time; I am no longer shocked by the lawlessness, the lack of ethical integrity, and the lack of accountability. I have been living a nightmare, the nightmare of knowing that my son was first victimized by violent crime when he was three years old, and he has been repeatedly victimized by state employees and service providers ever since that time. This current assault is a concerted effort to entirely discredit me in order for the state to assert that it needs to take control of my son's care. Not take control from me; I don't "control" my son's care.  I advocate for him, I do the things for him that he can't do for himself, but my son is in charge of himself; as he should be. 

Unfortunately, the perspective I have of my son, is not shared by "the system."  As the result of Dirk Bush's abuse of authority, I filed for a fair hearing with the Office of Administrative Hearings to dispute the termination of my contract, both Dirk Bush and Isaac's case manager committed perjury; which I expected. People who have lied to me, and who lack respect for my son and myself are now alleging that I am not "respectful" enough of social service and mental health professionals. These complaints of not feeling respected enough by me is coming from people who have shown my son and I no respect. This would  be hilarious if these individuals did not also have no problem with abusing their authority, have a lack of ethical integrity, and have no problem with violating the law to punish me. People who seem to believe I owe them a duty of unearned respect, are wanting something that's not humanly possible for me to give them. I can't respect anyone who does not demonstrate ethical conduct in their professional life as a paid public servant. Particularly when their failure to perform their job with integrity ultimately causes my son any harm. 

It would be hilarious if these individuals were not involved in orchestrating an effort to entirely discredit me; threatening my son's safety and well being. Specifically, Jackie Klingele has launched a concerted effort to have me labeled as a person who is so dangerous, I should never be allowed to be around any child or handicapped adult unattended; including my son.  

The fact that I have no record for abuse or neglect of any child or vulnerable adult, and the "evidence" being used to terminate my contract to care for my son without warning or notice, does not allege any abuse/neglect of Isaac, is not relevant to Fair Hearing coordinator, Jackie Klingele ALTC case manager, Joe Howell, or DSHS HCS Social Worker Dirk Bush. 
The evidence:

1. The fact I have never filled out a time sheet, in four years. It has never been 
    questioned in three annual reviews, or the handful of periodic reviews in 4 years, which is
    the entire time I've had the contract. 

2. I did not call the case manager within 24 hours when my son was hospitalized in 2011.

3. I was rude in a phone conversation in January 2012, and stated, "I wouldn't take a dog
     to Comprehensive Mental Health."

4. That I made an agony filled statement of my grief about the brain damage my son has
     from the direct adverse effects of the drugs in January 2012 to his mental health worker
     when my son left the room to use the restroom.    

These facts are, it is being alleged, grounds for the immediate termination of my contract due to my  "character competence and suitability."  Additionally, Jackie Klingele and Joe Howell have decided that Isaac should live in a group home; because after all, the above evidence demonstrates that I am a danger and I shouldn't be allowed to be around my own son...No kidding. I guess That was a threat and not a friendly warning after all...

These so-called professionals don't seem to believe it was necessary to talk to Isaac, much less, consult with, or involve him in any way shape or form in every discussion that relates to him, particularly when decisions will be made that directly effect him. To me, it is symptomatic of the acceptance of systemic abuse of power and authority at the Department of Social and Health Services--it is all too typical of my experiences with these "public servants" since my son was beat up in foster care when he was three. When one is negligent in the performance of their duty to act on a child or vulnerable adult's behalf; perhaps it's easier to believe the victim's injuries are signs of a psychiatric "disease." Once a diagnosis of schizophrenia is attached, Human Rights are unimportant and it's ok to mistreat, abuse and torture people.  It seems that a boy who has been victimized and his outraged mother are not worthy of respect, or owed an ethical legal duty of care...The people who work in child and family services who violate the law are rarely prosecuted. Acting with impunity, these individuals still have a liberty interest and cover up their crimes.   I've no doubt that my son has been treated as if he is a potential liability not a victim to whom the state owes a duty of care. Over the years, every report of abuse/neglect I filed reporting state employees or contracted providers abuse and/or neglect, has been ignored by authorities.   

How is it even ethical for Joe Howell, Isaac's case manager in an Administrative Hearing to state that in his "professional opinion," that he thinks Isaac should live in a group home without ever seeking Isaac's input? Howell didn't seek any information or input from Isaac's his mental health providers before offering this "professional" opinion when Washington's DSHS Fair Hearing coordinator, Jackie Klingle, prompted him by asking what he thought should happen for Isaac.  

It is this perpetual failure that most angers me.  I am sick and tired of so-called mental health and social service professionals stating their opinions and abusing their authority in uninformed, misguided attempts to act in "Isaac's best interests." It is not possible to act in his best interests if one does not consider his input relevant, necessary and worthy of consideration. My son is a traumatized human being worthy of respect and consideration.  

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