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Apr 24, 2014

here and now

Fred Redmon Bridge over Selah Creek on I-82

I have been under assault beginning with applying for a contract to provide 30 hours of in home care for a person. My goal was to get a contract to provide care for a new client to make up for the hours I'd lost due to budget cuts. My contract to provide in-home Medicaid care for my adult son, Isaac, had been renewed for 3 years a month early month earlier than was required in October of 2012. I was informed that I had been denied the 30 hour contract I had applied for when my potential client called me to say she had been (falsely) informed that I was allegedly a “convicted felon.” A Washington State DSHS employee told the client that I had been convicted of abandoning a vulnerable adult. Not only was I denied the 30 hour contract and slandered by a State employee Dirk Bush, who knew for a fact I was not a felon; my contract to provide care for my son was terminated, effective immediately. I lost my paycheck, the only income I had. Bush's actions on behalf of the State of Washington violated Federal and State law. 

When we challenged the State's decision, the Administrative Law Judge ruled in the state's favor. Thankfully, the State was not successful in it's attempt to have me legally adjudicated a person "dangerous" to children and vulnerable adults. The State offered not one single instance where I had been investigated, charged, arrested or convicted of neglect, abuse, or abandoning anyone ever...I was't in the State’s secret files either. The secret files are the records the state keeps for the instances when there is evidence of abuse or neglect, but for various reasons, the state is unable to proceed against the alleged offender. To protect vulnerable adults and children from sub-standard care providers, the State places these alleged perpetrators on it's "Status 4" list; these individuals are excluded asilicenced in-home care providors. Had the State been successful in it’s malicious attempt to have me adjudicated as "dangerous," I would not ever be allowed to spend time unsupervised with my son, Isaac, ever again.  

I believe this odd series of events was set in motion by the AGs office, or then AG McKenna for Governor campaign due to my willingness to share my opinion about his ability to serve the publicaetically as the state's lead legal advocate.

Since then, I have been beat up several times---the last time, when I was in jail because of a fraudulent police report. The manner of my arrest was a gross violation of my individual rights. My home was robbed virtually 24 hours a day for the entire 8 days I was initially incarcerated.

I was stunned to be told am expected to that patrol officers with the Yakima Police Department were oblivious to obvious criminal activity which took place at MY HOME; a home that my son Isaac and I have occupied for 7 years---I can not conceive of a reasonable explanation for YPD's failure to recognize obvious criminal activity; that is "new," or unusual. I know for a fact the Police drive down my street every day; I know this because I lived there for 7 years.

What I want to know is why in the fuck not a single patroman observed the criminal activity that occurred in my former home while I was in jail for 8 fucking days???  I really want to know why the one officer I have spoken to at length, has thoughtlessly or carelessly placed me even further in harms way by patronizing me while failing to do even a cursory review of patrol logs for this time period, or investigate why Ray Garza, the arresting officer wasn't wearing his radio, a part of his uniform. I don't give a shit what anyone thinks about me; that said; I fully expect officers of the law, to perform their duty with honor and integrity--not pee on my leg then tells me it’s raining. Any officer who pees on me loses credibility; credibility is required to be respected; let alone, be considered respectable or even trustworthy.  What all this means is crudely, simply this: I need to be respected; not be peed on by officers of the law who have a legal duty to do otherwise.

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