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Jul 10, 2014

In real life...

I have been living a nightmare. I was jailed on March 13, 2014 on false charges which I was forced to plead guilty to since my court appointed attorney refused to mount any defense whatsoever for me, his client. I say forced because I pled guilty to a crime I had not committed, assault, because I was desperate to protect mine and my son's home and property.

I was jailed I believe, so that my home could be robbed and my precious son could be kidnapped. These events occurred with the willing assistance of corrupt officers of the law who work for Yakima Police Department. My son, was taken to Yakima Couty Jail on May 15, 2014 for Obstruction of a Police Officer and has been held in Solitary Confinement since that date---he has no idea what happened, or why he is continuing to be held in conditions that are considered to be torture by the United Nations. I believe the reason my son was arrested is because I was on my way to him with a telephone with phone numbers of family programmed into it, so that he could contact people who he knows, and to call for help via 911 should he need to. Apparently, brain damaged young men are not supposed to have any means of calling for assistance of any kind when they are needed to become a means of income for corrupt Police Officers and other nefarious individuals. The fact that his maltreatment as a child is evidence of torture in the United States in an International Trial on Torture in the United States only makes his current mistreatment more heinous; and for me personally, the involvement of Law Enforcement, means I have NO ONE to turn to for help.

I am a MadMother for good damned reason.

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