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Sep 13, 2011

Advocacy Program or Progrom?

The Deputy Prosecutor and the psychiatrist involved in the violation of my son in late July and early August of 2010 have both lost their jobs... the psych unit is closing...

I was asked by someone I respect very much, if I was certain I did not fill out a court document when I took my son to the crisis center at the end of July. My response was I know absolutely for certain that I did not. I shared that over the years I have filled out and filed court documents.

There is no way in hell I would have filled out a statement in support of my son's Constitutional Rights being diminished or violated! The law that allows for this kind of human rights violation is something that I have been living in fear of. I am a mother, and a person who was given one of the labels that is often used as an excuse to violate people's human rights; my son has already endured the most horrendous ongoing violations of his human dignity and human rights for most of his life. It is an added insult to the injustice that Designated Mental Health Professional, Nancy Sherman perpetrated. She maligned and slandered both my son and myself in Court proceedings. What she did is claim that I asked her to lock up my son. People who know what my son's childhood was like, know that I fought for almost 2 years to rescue him from CSTC, where he had been used in drug trials, know that we as a family endured horrifying experiences which were traumatic in the extreme for all of us. Isaac was tortured and disabled by psychiatric treatment. FYI There is no way in hell I would trust a Mental health Professional or a State authority to take care of a dead animal-- and I would die and go to hell before I trusted any of them to take care of my son. There is no way I could.

In her testimony, under penalty of perjury, she alleges that Isaac threw a television. The TV was not smashed, or even damaged. My son is seriously impaired from massive amounts of neuroleptic drugs he was forced to take. He was told that if he didn't take them he would never get to leave and go home. A kid in a locked facility who wanted to go home, he took the drugs. One of the adverse effects and the iatrogeinic harm he experienced causes him to lose his balance easily. What Sherman described, is not something Isaac is physically capable of doing.

Unfortunately, this lie is repeated by Dr. Jeffrey Jennings, who is, as the petition he filed instructs: only to state facts he knows "first hand," to be true; as testimony. Dr. Jennings commits Perjury in his petition. He did not speak to me, he had no "first hand" knowledge of the events that occurred for which Isaac went to the crisis center. He did not in the time he "treated" my son speak to my son's primary physician, his psychiatrist, his brother, or his mother. As a physician, how can he believe he actually has any ethical integrity? I say this because the reason cited for the court order's necessity, "To protect the integrity of the Medical Profession" I asked Isaac if he remembered Dr. Jennings, he said, "he wanted to talk to me but I was tired and asked him to leave me alone, but he kept trying to talk to me. Mom, I asked him 4 times to leave me alone, then I screamed, get the fuck out of my room." Well, who wouldn't want their wishes respected in the hospital? The patient rights list given to Isaac upon admission gave him the right to tell Jennings to leave him alone...Jennings simply chose not to respect those rights.

This event is recorded by Jeffrey Jennings in Isaac's hospital chart as, Isaac became agitated and needed to be medicated. Jennings doubled the dose of a benzodiazepine that Isaac had to take and that he had been tapered totally off, due to "cardiac risk," and increased a neuroleptic drug by 250 mg and Jennings made it a part of the Court Order which was in effect for six months. The drugs have caused my son iatrogenic illness and iatrogenic neurological impairments. The neuroleptic drug is, according to it's manufacturer, is only to be increased by 50 mg at a time, no more frequently than twice a week to minimize risk of death among other things. My son has yet to recover from this psychiatrist's assault. Apparently, Jennings had never heard of the Hippocratic Oath.

I am a mother, it is my duty to protect my son from harm. I am his caretaker I make sure he takes what is prescribed, and he has never refused to take what is prescribed. It is because the drugs have caused profound iatrogenic injuries that disabled Isaac, that he needs assistance in his daily life. I'm gratful he trusts me, and that he listens when I tell him he can't just stop taking them; he's humble and knows it's ok to need help. He believes me when I tell him that there are people who are trustworthy. But, believing what your mom says, and knowing something for yourself as a young man, is not at all the same thing. I hope he doesn't end up thinking I lied about there being people who are trustworthy.

The two thugs who are mental health "professionals" must be members of NAMI, an organization that purports to be a "grassroots" advocacy movement, it refers to itself as, "The Nation's voice on mental illness." It was one of NAMI's affiliates that disseminated a "Tip Sheet" written by D.J. Jaffe and E. Fuller Torrey, the so-called co-founders of The Treatment Advocacy Center, "TAC" D. J. Jaffe's Tip Sheet appears to be advising people to exaggerateto syptoms and behaviors, to tip over furniture when attempting to have have a family member committed. This, "Tip Sheet" was developed to advise family members who are calling on Law Enforcement to assist them. In effect, it advises people to file false police reports, which is a crime. More than once E. Fuller Torrey, has been quoted in the media and in NAMI literature as saying it is necessary to lie; and advises family members in NAMI to do so in order to have a person committed. It is criminal as a matter of fact.

Has anybody else noticed a pattern in this yet? This is all smoke and mirrors. The drugs are falsely billed as effective and necessary medical treatment for treating "brain diseases" without any disease actually being identified. The drugs can in fact cause iatrogenic diseases, particularly when used in high doses and for long periods. A group of people who are purportedly advocating for me and my son; and for everybody who has ever had or who may be suspected of having a psychaitric diagnosis. The grassroots advocates do not speak for me. No one can pretend to speak for me with a voice that advocates treating any human being who is creatively maladjusted, a trauma survivor, with neurodiverse, unique human qualities as if they are unworthy of their Human Rights--My son has Human rights that so-called advocates and mental health providers have no interest in. No interest in what the truth is, what happened to him, or what it's done to him physically or emotionally. The self-appointed grassroots advocates, The Voice on "mental illness" has no interest in helping the people who are harmed by the forced treatment that NAMI endorses; so NAMI is not in fact qualified to speak for, let alone be THE VOICE for my son whom they have helped to de-voice by refusing to acknowledge his existence or the profound iatrogenic injuries he sustained as a victim of the progrom of forced treatment that NAMI advocates for. NAMI advocates for an agenda regardless of it's detrimental effect on the people NAMI claims to be advocating for.

As advocates, with a government, pharma, and private foundation funded pharma fear-based forced treatment agenda marketing machine, NAMI marched it's grassroots progrom of advocacy "for the seriously mentally ill" across the nation. The people who are targeted for "special treatment" are just like everybody else, advocates say. The methods, the tools this progrom uses are distortortion of current and historical events, feeding individual fears, using innuendo, gossip, and traumatic events to polarize groups of people to fuel innate ignorance and biases to promate bigotry and create an US and THEM dichotomy. These are the building blocks and the tools of propaganda. These advocates are using a progrom that made man's inhumanity to man public policy, and then the law in Germany leading up to WWII. The neuroleptic drugs used for "necessary medical treatment" of schizophrenia in use since the mid fifties have killed far more individuals than the Third Reich did. We just don't bother to count the bodies; victims who were stripped of their human dignity in life, don't count once they're dead...because drug induced death is totally "natural."

Here, we have grassroots advocates "for the seriously mentally ill" enlisting the general public, law enforcement, medical professionals, schools, churches and government agencies help further the goal of the treatment advocacy agenda: To identify every human being who "needs special treatment" whether they, or anyone who knows them knows it or not...This special treatment progrom, requires family and friends to help advocates by referring family, neighbors, and friends, for special treatment "for their own good" because they just don't know what's good for them at all! NAMI has endorsed and lobbied for the legislation that legally mandates a diminished social and political status and stripping the Human Rights that the advocates take for granted, from the people they advocate for---but of course you know, "it's for their own good" we have to do it, to protect the public is the fear-based mantra used to justify torture, and trauma as medical treatment, essentially Crimes Against Humanity.

This purposeful overt victimiztion of people based on subjective opinions, errors of attribution, distortions of known facts and histrical events, is blatant bullying, systematic discrimination and calling it medical treatment does not change the nature of what is being done, and it certainly does not ameliorate the harm done. People being drugged with terotogenic drugs and given electric shock treatments will cause a statistically significant percentage to die within the first year; and will disable and kill a statistically significant percentage of the people taking the drugs on an ongoing basis either willingly or under court order, regardless of age or psychiatric diagnosis.

If this progrom was for the primary benefit of the mentally ill; there would at least be a show of civility, if not actual compassion for the people who have been and are being harmed and the family members who mourn the loss of loved ones who are killed. Indeed, it seems that assistance being offered and preventative measures would be taken to avoid further harm, and efforts made to ammeliorate the harm that's already been done...NAMI and no other "patient advocacy" group does anything like that...It seems that it is more important when advocating for "special treatment" that any adverse and fatal effects of the treatment being advocated for are ignored; because it would divert attention away from the "benefits" of the special treatment! When you advocate for a progrom to Court Order people to take neuro-toxic drugs and/or get electric shock treatments, it's important to focus on the safety and effectiveness of the special treatment...

The adverse effects caused by neuroleptic drugs and electic shock treatment are direct effects; i.e. they are the mechanism of "how the special tratment works." Calling these direct adverse effects "side-effects," is analogous to saying decomposition a "side-effect" of death.

Neurleptics increase mortality from heat attack, heat stroke and sudden brain death.

First published October 21, 2010
update Sept. 13, 2011

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